A Quick Note (Ratings & Spoilers)


I’ve realised that while I’m writing a lot of these reviews on texts that have been out for a long time, I still haven’t got an actual ‘spoiler’ process locked in for the blog yet.

In the ‘About’ section I mention that there will be spoilers at times but obviously not everyone will see that right away/if at all. So far, I do have spoilers in some of the reviews and I’ve tried to keep them general or vague, but at times I’ll probably still want to go into specifics.

I guess this means that I’m leaning toward leaving things as they are for now – however, if I ever manage to watch something brand new I’ll naturally steer away from ruining major plot points or character reveals. In something like an ‘episode review’ kinda thing though, expect spoilers-aplenty!

And quickly on the ratings themselves – at the moment it’s just the ultra-regular marker of ‘stars’ but I thought I’d do a line about each one anyway:

  • 5 StarsSeminal, genre-defining, amazing, will watch again (& again)
  • 4 StarsExcellent, distinctive, made me think, will watch again
  • 3 StarsGood on every level, but might not need to see again
  • 2 StarsOk, probably not memorable or pretty flawed
  • 1 StarDNF (or riddled with flaws)

There we go, not super exciting stuff there but hopefully an idea of what I mean when I personally say ‘3 stars’ etc etc 🙂

There’s little chance that a whole host of 1 Stars or DNFs will appear on the blog, as I tend to not review something I haven’t actually finished – and for something I really didn’t enjoy, again, I might not spend a lot of time on it afterwards. (Still, I might do a few here and there over the years).

Until next review!

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