Abandoned #2 (7 Seeds & Nanana’s Buried Treasure)

  1. 7 Seeds (2019)

Once I saw the ‘that one guy who can’t get along with everyone else’ trope combined with the “stranded on an island” setting I grew immediately tired and set the series aside. Maybe it was just bad memories of Lost?

Now, could I ever take a look again? Certainly, but I’m not in a rush just yet.

2. Nanana’s Buried Treasure (2014)

Via the blurb I came across for this series I was thinking kids on a treasure hunt, helped out by a ghost? Cool!

…but once I started watching this one I was quickly buried alive by fan-service. I don’t automatically dismiss a show due to fan-service but it was just lurking around every corner, lol, and it seemed to be the focus more so than the mystery, which is what I was after – so maybe this one’s on me, for not actually researching the show properly first.

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