No Guns Life (Nō Ganzu Raifu)

No Guns Life (Nō Ganzu Raifu) 2019

Obviously this cannot be a review of the anime since I’ve seen a grand total of 1 episode out of the 2 that are available to me and the 3 that have been released so far 😀

But, it’s basically a first impression post I guess – which is not something I think I’ll be able to do a lot of here at the blog, due to limited time, but it’s really nice to have access to brand new shows for a change!

In any event, after the first episode I’m in.

No Guns Life sets up a lot of mysteries that I want answers to and so unless the series takes a vicious dive in quality, I’m sure I’ll finish it. The show ticks a lot of boxes for me, action, futuristic setting + Madhouse and then mixes it with noir elements; the dark palette and the loner detective trope with a troubled past, it’s all there.

Part of what caught my eye about the show was Juzo’s character design – I was kinda convinced that I wouldn’t enjoy it but when you actually watch an episode, he has a mouth (kinda like a bear-trap) and so speaking makes more sense than if he was just a cyborg with a gun on his neck, which was my first erroneous impression.

(As a tiny aside, interesting to see freckles used for character design.)

Keen to watch the rest of this series one day!

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