No Guns Life (Nō Ganzu Raifu) (3)

No Guns Life (Nō Ganzu Raifu) 2019

Continuing my ‘not an episode review’ posts 🙂

Just finished 4,5 & 6 and very happy that Tetsurou got at least something in the way of a consequence for his stunt and seeing Juzo’s ‘head gun’ in action was impressive – I actually didn’t think it would be fired so soon in the season.

It’s nice to meet Olivier and while her costume is kinda typical fan service fare I thought the blue lipstick was something different at least – and as her screen time increased over the last two episodes I appreciated glimpses into her and Juzo’s past – though new (long-term?) villain Gondry probably gave us more hints to Juzo’s mysteries in episode six.

The introduction to Kronen was pretty slick too and the stand off between he and Juzo in the mansion was a highlight. (I had a chuckle when later, Juzo scratches his car.) I’m interested to see whether more threads are introduced next or current ones are expanded, because the political situation is growing more complex now and maybe I’d prefer to dig in where we are a little deeper before experiencing something new.

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