No Guns Life (Nō Ganzu Raifu) (6)

No Guns Life (Nō Ganzu Raifu) 2019

And now to the final in a series of ‘not an episode review’ posts – this time it’s episodes 11 and 12:

First thing I noticed was that perhaps this mid-point doesn’t have a really big cliffhanger to tide everyone over until April – but it still has me curious and maybe the fight will now be taken to Berühren? (Okay, that was actually the second – the first was that Pepper is extremely stable and regular :D).

Hoping so! I’m assuming also that Rosa will soon join the team.

So far I’ve been critical of certain threads feeling abandoned, and a reluctance from the story to give us a main, memorable villain rather than keeping it only as an Evil Corporation. None of the antagonists thus far seem impressive enough to be a mastermind; they all seem to be minions. However, at this point, there’s plenty of time and I remain plenty curious about how everything will go.

It’ll be tough to wait for the series to start up again but I’ll be there as I’m still enjoying the intrigue and the aesthetic, though I’d love a little more narration from Juzo to keep that noir/detective feel front and centre 🙂

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