Abandoned #4 (Dr Stone, Fire Force & Cop Craft)

This post probably won’t be as inflammatory as it would seem by the title – considering some of my motivations here stem from a kind of apathy perhaps, rather than strong dislike.

  1. Dr Stone (2019)

I was onboard with pretty much everything for the first few episodes – bold visuals and an interesting scenario with the characters having to restore civilisation. I was especially enjoying the fact that it was obvious from the pacing that rebuilding everything wasn’t going to be glossed over in 2 or 3 episodes.

What went wrong? Perhaps nothing – I think I just haven’t felt drawn to come back yet. Where I left off Senku and Taiju hadn’t progressed too far but there was a perhaps an arrogance to Senku that I didn’t enjoy.

Would definitely revisit this one day I think. Part of me is surprised that I didn’t enjoy this more.

2. Fire Force (2019)

Ready for another pun or two? These ones are probably worse than the pun in my opening paragraph, but ultimately the fan service seemed too clumsy, too contrived here, which bugged me after a while.

Elsewhere the visuals were often so, so good – and the setting had me interested too. My curiosity about the workings of the world and about Shinra are high even now. There were some interpersonal conflicts I was keen to follow as well.

In the end, other shows kind of took over. Perhaps I’m spoiled for choice but Fire Force is, for now, on the back-burner.

3. Cop Craft (2019)

I got about half way through Cop Craft and just sort of… drifted away. Again, I wonder how much of my inability to finish some things over the last few months comes down to being overwhelmed by choice. It’s an amazing problem to have in a way, compared to the past, which was often a problem of scarcity.

Detective-focused or crime shows seem to be one of my favourite sub-genres and the addition of magic ought to have been enough to really hook me, but I haven’t felt a strong urge to jump back to this story.

I liked Kei and there was plenty of in-built tension with the premise of two mis-matched cops having to work together but I can’t quite put my finger on what has me passing this one over each time I see it in my list.

Not sure when or if I’ll revisit.

5 thoughts on “Abandoned #4 (Dr Stone, Fire Force & Cop Craft)

  1. Dr Stone is excellent and really picks up after five episodes, where just becomes incredible. As soon as Senku finds the village it becomes amazing and just gets better and better.

    Fire Force’s finish is also incredible, but it has a really slow and convoluted middle. The last five episodes have two of my favourite fight scenes in and it’s visually incredible.

    I stopped Cop Craft after 3 episodes. It was fine but didn’t really excite me.

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    1. Good to hear that there’s lots of good stuff in those two – I have a bit of a list going of “shows I should return to one day” and they’re staying on it for now, though I’m still in two minds about whether Cop Craft will.

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  2. I haven’t seen any of these yet. Dr. Stone looks to be the most interesting of the three. I have some familiar with one of the creators since he also created Eyeshield 21. Yes, he took on the first anime/manga series about American football and then went to science next. Haha!

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      1. It certainly was. I haven’t seen or read Eyeshield 21 in a long time. I was even surprised that there was an NFL Japan until I saw the anime since they sponsored and I believe some consulting work with that series. Sports/game series can be hit or miss with me, but there are some that are pretty good. Funny enough, I’ve been revisiting a game-based anime and manga, but I’m keeping it a secret because it’s part of one of my review goals.

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