Vote on What I Should Watch Next – Results

Okay, I ended up leaving this open a bit longer than I’d meant to, but I’ve got some results now:

So, we have Black Lagoon as clear winner, with Gunbuster not miles behind but not close enough. Classics Akira and ‘much-harder-to-find’ Neo Tokyo got a bit of love, though I voted for Neo Tokyo myself 😀

Time Travel Girl is a show I stumbled across that features famous inventors, and I believe it’s a co-production with an educational group, so I’m still curious about that. And Blast of Tempest is Bones series that I’d never heard of, so I think I’ll keep it on my list somewhere for ‘someday’.

So, the schedule is basically as follows:

  1. Finish watching Gurren Lagann
  2. Finish watching Le Chevalier D’Eon
  3. Begin Black Lagoon 🙂
  4. Bonus Watch – Gunbuster

So, this’ll take me a little while and I’ve got a few scheduled posts that I’ve been building up for a while that’ll arrive first, but for now, thanks for voting!

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