Popular Reviews from the Second 6 Months

So, this is the second set of these posts for Heap, where I highlight reviews (or posts) that ended up being the most popular across a certain span of time, and today I’m aiming for the one that covers the second 6 months of The Review Heap in action.

I’m actually a little early,and I’ve actually doubled up on November BUT, Nov – April is 6 months at least, and I want a bit of space between this post and a future, similar one due in June 😀

Below, you can see a list of the ones that got the most traffic – though I may or may not have done the best job in expressing myself in them.


November – What is a Classic?

December – Aladdin

January – Nadia vs Atlantis

February – Tokyo Godfather Collab 🙂

March – Abandoned

April – Vote on What I Should Watch Next

Just like last time, I’ll have a follow-up post to this in a few minutes, one that highlights a different set of reviews but from the same span of time.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Popular Reviews from the Second 6 Months

  1. Maybe I’m a little biased, but I’m thrilled that our Tokyo Godfathers collab got some love. The Nadia/Atlantis post was one of my favorite non-review articles you wrote not just because I’m a fan of researching film plagiarism issues, but because there was so much research and depth to that one.

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    1. Same! It was heaps of fun to do and it’s such a great film too 🙂

      And thanks! So far, that particular post (and sometimes the episode arcs) is the most consistent re: views, which is interesting. Because I’m so focused on the past in many ways, I tend to imagine that most viewers are watching more new stuff, but I think the balance is far more even than I imagine.

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      1. Nice! That was really fun film to re-watch and to write that review with you.

        You’re welcome. The Nadia posts have gotten that much traction? That’s awesome. I even showed your Nadia/Atlantis post to a few other bloggers including a film reviewer who actually has a film plagiarism section on her page and legitimately didn’t know about it. It’s still great that people still check out posts with older anime. It was even surprising to me when I reviewed Hikaru no Go earlier this month as my surprise long anime review.


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