Hope you’re all safe right now if you’re in the USA but also, I’m down here hoping things are better on the other side – whenever that may be.

I know here in Australia things are quieter on the surface… but there are plenty of examples of the same, horrific police brutality here, so look after each other if you’re out in public.

7 thoughts on “Two

  1. Thanks for the post. I’m alright even though it can be nerve-wracking here in America and not just on principle in my case with my melanin and all. I do appreciate when other bloggers stand in solidarity against racism and police brutality. I really hope other anibloggers and film critics can do so, too.

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      • That’s good. You could try donating to worthy causes, reading up on different parts of history, and definitely talk to any POC group and listen to their experiences for starters. I understand that it’s better to stand for something than just to be against another.

        Thank you.

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        • Despite all it’s (many) faults, I’ve found twitter useful for listening to what groups are actually going through each day, it’s maybe one of the only good things about the platform, I suspect.

          And I’ve been thinking about running a promo with the poets I know down here, and then donate proceeds. Just have to find the time to organise it properly, but I’m still thinking, very much

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