I can’t believe you haven’t seen…

I’m sure I’ve said this in the past to friends and associates (and I hope I said it with genuine curiosity rather than with some manner of scorn) but I thought I’d hurl the question out there and see if you have one for me!

Have you ever read one of my reviews and perhaps wondered Hold on, why does it seem that Ashley hasn’t seen [name]? After all, he seems to love [genre/other show]?

Well, please ask!

If I’ve at least heard of the ova/show/film, then I should be able to give something of an answer – and if I haven’t, well then, it looks like my recommendation list will grow, which I’d just hate to see happen πŸ˜€

5 thoughts on “I can’t believe you haven’t seen…

  1. Interesting question. I feel like you and I have seen as well as reviewed a lot of the same anime which I think is pretty awesome. Going by this post, have you ever seen anime such as The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, Shinesman, or Key the Metal Idol?

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    1. Yes! Out viewing history is so similar in heaps of areas, huh? πŸ˜€

      I’ve got a copy of ‘….Kaguya’ but I haven’t got to it yet (which is crazy, since I got it upon release) and I know we’ve talked about ‘Shinesman’before yeah, but now I can add ‘Key the Metal Idol’ to my list, awesome, thanks heaps!

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      1. I know, right? Hahaha!

        You should definitely give Kaguya a watch as soon as you can. I still can’t believe it’s Isao Takahata’s final directorial work with Ghibli (may he Rest In Peace). Sorry for repeating things about Shinesman. Yes! I think Key the Metal Idol will be up your alley since it does have some quality sci-fi, experimental, and cyberpunk elements even if the story takes place in the then-present 90s. Another suggestion could be Gasaraki if you’ve ever seen that.

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        1. Will do! The previews looked stunning, so I must rectify that πŸ™‚

          And no, it’s great to have the reminder – I’ve tried a few times to find Shinesman as an affordable second hand copy but I think I’ll have to turn to youtube sooner or later.

          ‘Key…’ sounds fantastic and awesome, I’ll add ‘Gasaraki’ too!

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          1. Nice! Yeah, I saw the preview and I knew I had to see this movie. Thankfully, I got the DVD as a Secret Santa present at work.

            No problem. I forgot if I mentioned it in a different post or not. If you do watch, then watch it dubbed since the voice acting and jokes are funnier on purpose. How can anyone say no to a Power Ranger parody mixed with business satire?

            Yeah, Key was a fascinating series to watch and one of my favorite works from Studio Pierrot outside of Hikaru no Go. Gasaraki is something I want to re-watch as well. It has a real robot feel and it’s from the creator of VOTOMS.


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