No self-indulgent intro today 😀

Deca-Dence 2020

‘Interesting’ is my first thought with episode two.

And not in a sarcastic way, I am interested to see how things continue to develop – but maybe I was at least half right that this show isn’t going to be super-gritty… maybe.

Once the twist landed, I had an instant reaction – it seemed that a whole heap of the dramatic tension was sucked from the world; suddenly very little was at stake, since the characters were avatars.

And I still half feel that way, or maybe that’s the moe facade that fools me a little. Because certainly, there are consequences lurking for Kaburagi and if you’re human there’s plenty of danger.

But as I’d hoped, I got some follow-up from episode one, some answers and more importantly, new engaging questions, so I’m definitely still on board and ready for the next installment in the story.

Especially as it will probably, at the least, check in with the wider cast too. And I’m keen to see a little more of the fortress itself, along with extra details on how precisely the scam is operating.

It’s nice to have the classic Big Evil Corporation in place as something for the characters to (eventually) rail against too.

Bring on episode three!

4 thoughts on “DECA-DENCE (2)

  1. Those cartoony robots killed it for me. I was fully expecting something dark and gritty and now it feels off, even if I still liked the story developments. I just feel that this style of animation has completely pulled me out of the story.

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    1. Yeah – it’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve experienced in a show for a while, I’m half-fascinated, half-disappointed.

      I’m wondering, since it feels like a ‘candy-coloured-coating-on-true-evil’ thing, will I stay on board with this kinda wild move, or will I come to no longer enjoy it? Seems like they’re essentially farming humans for a kind of MMO, so that’s grim enough but that art style just clashes so, so very hard.

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      1. This has been the hardest thing to get right in my head and I still don’t know if I can explain exactly how I feel about it. I wrote my review last night after watching it, but feel I’m going to have to go back and add more after thinking about it for a day. It almost feels like they got two different studios to work on each part of it and didn’t let them talk to one another.

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        1. Yep, I feel the same – still unsure exactly how I feel about it…

          And now I wonder, is my uncertainty kind of a blessing from an episode-by-episode blogging viewpoint, since I now have stuff to say other than ‘I enjoyed this bit’ 😀

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