Tokyo Babylon Collab – Coming Soon!

Once more, Curtis from Iridium Eye Reviews and I have teamed up to review an anime with the word ‘Tokyo’ in the title πŸ˜€

Tomorrow (or the next tomorrow) I’m happy to be hosting the review of this Clamp OVA, so keep an eye out if you’re a fan!

(Last time we wrote about the fantastic Tokyo Godfathers, and you can read that review via this link right here).

6 thoughts on “Tokyo Babylon Collab – Coming Soon!

        1. Ah, ‘Chobits’ – that’s on my A-Z challenge, I really should bump it up into ‘soon’ rather than ‘this year sometime’.

          Same with ‘Rayearth’ and I’ve not come across ‘Clover’ awesome, will investigate, thanks!

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