Just a short post on this episode for now.

Deca-Dence 2020

Training time!

I enjoyed plenty about episode three, but probably the combat training and slapstick there with Natsume the most. As before, the clash between worlds/art styles continues to give me pause at first, but I’m sure I’ll eventually acclimatise to the Furby/Regular Show-like aspects to the visuals.

It was great to get another hint that something else is afoot, re: Kaburagi and Pipe (who remains almost ridiculously cute) because I am glad there still seems to be secrets left in the storyline. Nice high-tension ending to the episode too, and I had a chuckle at Natsume and the arms dealer.

At this early point in the story, I’m still not feeling the dystopian aspects that have been hinted at, not quite feeling the full fear for humanity yet, even with the educational video – maybe I need to see what’s left of the surface, and especially see it presented in a non-cutesy way.

Keen to see what happens next time.

Hoping there’s another flashback in episode four too.

5 thoughts on “DECA-DENCE (3)

  1. The training arc was good and it’s no surprise given that we spent more time with Natsume in the “real” world. I still feel like the level of exposition is like an infomercial. Blah, blah, corporations, blah, blah, bugs. Tell us in the story, not with these segments. Otherwise, I enjoyed this one much more than the last one.

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  2. Very interested to see where the series takes itself. Episode 2’s reveal was certainly astonishing and way out of left field; hopefully it can only go upwards from here on out.

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