I must do better in writing these!

They’re fun and I enjoy doing them, so thanks to anyone who has thought of me, especially over the last few months.

Due to some of my free time shrinking, I’m going to kinda cheat, and combine a few tags and nominations into one post, so strap yourself in for at least half of five separate posts that I’ve been tagged in since January 😀

(And I feel like I’m missing at least one – apologies, I fear I’ve lost track!)

Give it a Light Novel Title Challenge!

I tried to do this one right away, back when I was tagged by Iridium Eye Reviews back in Feb and also the Otaku Author in March, but I couldn’t come up with anything good… so I think I should finally try now, with Trigun perhaps:

It’s Hard Being the Only Nice Guy in the Whole Desert!

Hmmm… maybe I could do better, but I think this is close to the feel of a light novel title at least!

Mystery Blogger Award

This one’s from January! (I know – I am very slow when it comes to writing these it seems). But thanks to ThatRandomEditor for including me 🙂

3 Things About Me


I play indoor volleyball, which is something I’ve mentioned here before but I thought I’d include a touch more detail today. I’m only an adequate player at best, having started in my late twenties and already peaked skillwise 😀

I mostly play middle or ‘outside’ but I’m not super tall – I’ve also played as setter for around half a season (to fill-in) and it was heaps and heaps of fun. (But also, it’s so tough to perform the role properly – and the amount of running, wow, it’s worse than middle, I reckon!)


I also write a lot, mostly fiction but I started out in the poetry world here in Australia. Perhaps like many literary scenes, ours is very city-centric (and so if you don’t live in a capital city you’re almost invisible). Aside from my own stuff, I sometimes publish other folks via my micro press ‘Close-Up Books’.


So far, I only have one tattoo – it’s the four symbols taken from Led Zeppelin’s fourth album. The healing process was kinda tedious, more annoying than the minor pain of the actual tattoo.

ThatRandomEditor’s Questions

1. What advice can you give to new bloggers?

Maybe start slow and give a range of post-types and styles a shot, as you might hit upon something you really like but hadn’t considered at first.

This is my tenth year blogging, but only my second with a review blog and I’ve found (like plenty of folks) that I like arranging text and image quite a bit, which is not something I planned at first, I thought I’d mostly focus on text.  

2. Do scores matter in enjoying a series?

I think they’re useful to sum up, but ultimately not sure they change my enjoyment… in fact, sometimes if I see a show that looks interesting but it has really low scores, I actually want to see it more… so maybe they do matter?

3. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate

As a sweet tooth, it’s hot chocolate for me 🙂

My Questions

1. If you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

2. What ‘useless’ super-power do you have?

3. Sub or dub? Just kidding! Fav voice actor or actress?

Sunshine Blogger Award

Thanks to Anime Tokyo for the nomination – I’ve chosen half of their excellent questions, and hopefully will be able to make some good ones of my own!

1. What is your favourite childhood anime?

Astro Boy for me – obviously I have heaps of childhood memories connected to it, but watching it as an adult is fascinating; as I appreciate the way it doesn’t shy away from tough topics and the OST is also awesome!

2. If you can go into any anime world, which one would you choose?

Perhaps the somewhat romanticised – but incredibly comforting – version of the countryside seen in My Neighbour Totoro?Some aspects would take some adjusting for me, especially the technology change, but certainly I’d like to visit.

3. What’s your favourite anime idol group? If not, can be favourite band.

The duo of Kaoru and Sentaro I think! Kids on the Slope has been on my mind of late, and so this seemed a perfect fit. Here they are doing a medley of My Favorite Things/Someday My Prince Will Come/Moanin.

4. What anime series do you think deserves another season?

I’ve done a bit of a post on this question in the past and back then I mentioned Claymore and Moribito. In this moment, I’d probably choose Guardian of the Spirit because the ending of the first season isn’t marred by an anti-climax, and I’d love to see more of Balsa’s travels.

5. Which anime do you wish to see a remake of?

Maybe Windaria – not because the existing one is “no good”, but at least partly because it’s a bit of a mess re: the differing dubs and re-cuts. So perhaps a slightly more streamlined and consistently told story, along with modern animation techniques would be nice. Especially as it’s a fairly epic story in some ways.

My Questions

1. Which anime OST stands above the others for you and why?

2. If you could transport one character from their own series into a different show, who would you send, to where and why?

3. Somehow, you’ve been given the chance to ‘re-score’ a scene – what anime moment do you choose, and what song or piece of music replaces the original?

4. Fav character designer?

5. Which film or series is at the top of your “I must see this” list?

And finally, from AnimeGroodReads, moving to focus on the blogging side of things – thanks for the nomination 🙂

Share the reason you started blogging:

Back when I started it was mostly a way to interact with other poets and readers. Sadly (if you love blogging, that is) social media took over and shifted the fun conversations and stuff to those platforms, to some extent.

Now, I’ve switched to mostly reviews of anime and animation with a new blog and that’s fun because I get the same things perhaps; to chat about stuff I like, with others who understand and like similar things 🙂

Share two pieces of advice that could benefit new bloggers:

Before you start, when you’re considering which platform to use, maybe keep reader interaction in mind? For instance, if reader interactivity is something you’d really like, then WordPress certainly has some good social aspects built in already.

I started with Blogger, actually, but back then I found it a little less smooth when it came to comments, likes and sharing etc  

If you’re like me, and have unpredictable amounts of free time, consider scheduling a few posts, or at least saving them as ‘drafts’ for the times when you’re super-busy but still want to keep yourself on readers’ radar, as it were.


Done – thanks to everyone who tagged me, both in the past and recently!

I’d like to tap a few folks on the shoulder, and have listed them below… but this is a kinda tough one to respond to, I know. After all, it spans a few questions and styles, right?

And so, feel no pressure 🙂

But if you’re in the mood to write this kind of post… maybe pick and choose from what I’ve got here to make your own Frankenstein’s monster out of what I’ve done, though I know it’s hardly ideal!

Mechanical Anime
Lita Kino
Another Anime Review


  1. Wow. Didn’t know you were blogging for 10 years! That’s a lot of dedication there. Pretty sure there’s a lot of changes in that span of time before you started reviewing anime. About the blogging platforms, I don’t consider using Blogger as a platform since it felt like it came from an older era. Most blogs I follow never use it. This is also the first time I’ve seen a tag post combined into one too. By the way, I prefer hot chocolate 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Another hot chocolate fan, yes!

      Changing focus has helped me last I think, though I was never a ‘post each day’ kinda blogger 🙂 (Yeah, I remember Blogger was also more difficult to follow people on as well, no “reader” option back then from memory either).


  2. I enjoyed that light novel title for Trigun. Haha! I didn’t realize you blogged for a decade now.

    It was also great reading your answers for the other questions. I enjoyed that Kids on the Slope medley. Now, I have to go check out that anime.

    Liked by 1 person

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