Deca-Dence 2020

Again, it’s early in the season for me to make any kinda claim, but this one feels like a real stand out episode.

It felt like a great mix of action, intrigue and character development and even though I didn’t dislike the last episode, I enjoyed this more. Perhaps due to all the time spent with the humans. (Related, I have some lingering apprehension toward the moment Natsume meets cyborg-Kabu).

It was also interesting to see the fear and/or cowardice play out in Natsume’s friends and acquaintances. And maybe I’m being a little hard on those characters, but the restoration scene was uplifting, and a great contrast for Kaburagi’s frustrations.

Keen to see how his plan works out, and what obstacles are thrown in his path. (I have also come to believe that my hope for our heroes to go out and explore the world is probably not on the cards, I think this season will be focused on the fortress.)

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