Deca-Dence 2020

Apologies – it seems I have little insight to offer, and not much in the way of predictions either, but I’m still enjoying the series more than enough to keep watching.

Reunions are always fun – and in this case there was a bit of humour too, but I think my favourite part was the new menace Hugin gained via his avatar. Both his speed and posture really added something that was missing from his box-like cyborg form. (And Jill obviously has a few secrets too :)).

It still feels like there’s plenty of scope for multiple seasons here, so I really hope that’s possible because the team of heroes have more than enough in the way of challenges building up now, as pressure is starting to build from multiple angles.

Meet Minato

4 thoughts on “DECA-DENCE (8)

  1. Funniest moment in the episode was when Hugin saw the sex toy who thought it was Minato’s and didn’t even shame him. While he is the overlord he respects boundaries. I didn’t even expect a reference taken from Monster’s Inc. in the middle of the episode during the heist scene. If I remember correctly, there was an AMA by the director on Reddit. One of the major inspirations of the anime is Wreck-it-Ralph. A reverse uno card. And Jill stole the spotlight hands down.

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    1. Same! Wasn’t expecting him to be like, “fine, but don’t let it interfere with your work”, classic 😀

      Interesting, I’ll go find that AMA, thanks – I definitely missed that! Yep, very keen to learn more about Jill. (Really, really hope there will be another season next year.)

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  2. Jill’s pretty much awesome! I grabbed that image of Natsume and Kureno with their faces smushed together too.

    My main question from this episode is how Hugins can move around like that? Almost as if it’s not the real world…

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