Cover Art Comparison: Moribito Guardian of the Spirit

Today I wanted to quickly change pace and post something short (same with my next post, actually) and so I thought it’d be fun to quickly look at some cover art.

This little idea was sparked by the pending re-release of one of my favourites – Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit and its new box art.

I love the new cover for its brighter colours, but perhaps what’s more important is that this one is also more indicative of what’s inside, in terms of storyline.

For instance, if I glance at the original (which is pretty close to what my DVD looks like) then I can remember exactly what I first thought upon seeing that cover – that this anime will be an action series with a ‘band of heroes’ feel.

Of course, the folks pictured with Balsa aren’t her companions and the story’s not really about a fellowship with a common goal, either.

The old art certainly does signal ‘action’ for genre, which is no lie, but the new artwork evokes the idea that Balsa must protect someone, and places great importance upon that pairing, since they’re the only two portrayed. And, of course you’ve still got her spear and so the ‘action’ is still signaled, but this time, so is the drama.

Okay! I controlled my rambling – how about you, got a fav between the two? Or a fav update to some classic art?

9 thoughts on “Cover Art Comparison: Moribito Guardian of the Spirit

    1. Cool, I’ll try to make it a regular feature!

      How’s it going so far? When it comes to cover art, I’m still finding myself torn between what I personally want vs what feels more ‘market-appropriate’ 😀

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      1. Same. I look around on Pinterest and see some artwork that I love and want to do something similar, but then it might not do as well as something commercial. That said, I’ve seen professionally published books with crap covers on too.

        I think getting across the theme of the story in a single image is tough, but it’s worth getting right. That said, I’m still a way off needing any covers right now.

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  1. You could also add the covers from Geneon USA and Anime Works. Haha! All joking aside, I do like both those covers. Besides the giant Adult Swim plug, I did like how the second one utilizes more of the cast.

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