Anime OP-ED (September 2020)

Trying to do a new ‘monthly’ thing here at the heap, but knowing me, it might not work out exactly that way based on my posting ‘schedule’ – and me using that word is quite optimistic 😀

Still, hopefully once a month I can share an opening theme song and also an ending one too.

Ideally, I’d include a little paragraph (or less) which each song. Maybe trivia, maybe what I liked, and incredibly rarely, perhaps a bit of analysis. And first up I’m going to kinda cheat – and use the same show for both songs, since I’ve been a little busy of late.

And yep, it will appear that today at least, this post is also a poorly veiled excuse for me to talk about Ergo Proxy.

‘Kiri’ by MONORAL (Ergo Proxy, 2006)

I do love the grunge-soaked opening to Egro Proxy but this is an ace song by itself, separate to the visuals. I like how it’s almost a power ballad too – but of course, the downbeat feel that suits the anime perfectly too.

‘Paranoid Andriod’ by Radiohead (Ergo Proxy, 2006)

I remember sitting up a little when I first heard this, it was a fun surprise.

Of course, it’s not the first time that a UK or US band has licensed a song to an anime but I didn’t think that Radiohead would bite when it came to any such offer – and at first, it seems they didn’t (but after being shown a preview they were on board.) I wish I could find a little more about their reaction, but so far I haven’t been able to find much. (Trivia note – My band in high school wanted us to cover this and I was the ‘singer’ at the time… and basically, well, let’s bring out the word optimistic again, in relation to the possibility of me even being able to come close to doing such a thing).

And there we go, the first Anime OP-ED post complete! Next time I’ll actually use different shows for a bit of extra variety though.

6 thoughts on “Anime OP-ED (September 2020)

  1. Great idea for a series of posts, and good choices for the first one of this series😊 Ergo Proxy was a really unique series, that’s for sure!😊
    Sidenote: Don’t know if you have seen it, but I featured your blog on my blog (weird sentence I know lol😂).

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    1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to doing the next one, just hope I can keep it up, I tend to struggle with anything ‘regular’ 😀

      And yes, I finally got over there earlier this evening – thanks again for that, and the compliments too, it’s always great to hear that I’m doing stuff that’s worth reading!

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      1. I have the same problem😅😅 But well, I think it doesn’t really matter how frequently you blog. In the end just do what you are comfortable with yourself! In the end blogging is a hobby and it should never begin to feel like work 😊😊

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