Deca-Dence 2020

Since I’m so far behind this week, I think this will be a far shorter post than usual when it comes to me and seasonal shows!

So, a big moment at the end of this episode, with a fair bit more action than we’ve seen lately, which was fun. And while I felt bad for Natsume, who will surely struggle to deal with the truth, I wonder if there are any big reveals left for the viewer?

We’ve been ‘ahead’ of the human characters for a long while now, so I’m interested to see whether the show will instead serve up some shocks for the cyborgs.

For instance, has this storytelling structure now lulled me into a false sense of confidence? I think I know what’s going on because I seem to know as much as Kaburagi, who in turn knows more than the humans… and then, suddenly when he gets hit with a surprise, I do too?

I feel a cruel cliffhanger coming at the end of this season!

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