Abandoned #8 (.hack//sign, Black Cat, Buddy Complex)

Generally with these posts, I don’t rule out returning to the shows featured (unless I say so specifically for an individual title) so I’ll include my usual disclaimer, maybe I will return to these three, who knows? 🙂

It’s also just a short post this time around, after my previous monstrous list!

Black Cat

I’m actually 9 episodes in but I just sort of drifted away and haven’t returned yet. I was enjoying it, but basically, I remember thinking that there wasn’t enough Sven!

Buddy Complex

This seems bright and fun, and I like mecha a lot, so I probably could come back to this but somehow, despite an action-packed episode one, I wasn’t hooked. (Early signs of wonky charactarisation with Hina perhaps.)


Long been aware of this classic isekai and I finally gave it a shot the other day. I like Noir from the same studio and loved the world and the set-up here, along with hints that the pacing would be a little different, but after a whole episode of the insufferable Tsukasa I just couldn’t go on.

But because it feels like he’ll have a good character arc, I think I could return to this one day for sure, but only when I have more energy for that kinda lead character.

7 thoughts on “Abandoned #8 (.hack//sign, Black Cat, Buddy Complex)

  1. I’ve seen a bit of Black Cat and I’ve seen .hack//Sign. I haven’t seen all of Black Cat, but I did like the theme song. The .hack series could’ve been so much better. The animation is good, and the music is fantastic, but it gets very tedious and Sign doesn’t have that much action despite everyone having a weapon on them all the time. Liminality was better and that took place in the real world when it comes to that series.

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      1. Good question. Liminality would come off as a bit of a shock since it rarely has anything to do with the game except for a few scenes. It’s not perfect, but I did like some of the worldbuilding from outside of the game. Weirdly enough, I heard .hack takes place in the early 10s which would’ve been the future when it came out.

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  2. I’m not surprised you found it hard to get into .Hack//sign. I enjoyed it a lot when I was younger, but, when I recently rewatched it, I found the slow pacing and the characters ponderous philosophizing to be insufferable at times. There are some good things about it though, Tsukasa does grow as a character and the music is great.

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