Deca-Dence 2020

Yay for a big finish!

So, whether some things were easy to predict in the finale doesn’t matter so much to me, since they were fun, and I got an upbeat ending too! Plus, my curiosity is high now, upon seeing the changes in the aftermath.

Interestingly, I enjoyed this ending more than that of the other show I’m currently writing about on an episode-by-episode basis, which is No Guns Life.

I am also (due to the length of time and repeat exposure perhaps) growing accustomed to the visuals of “Tanker + Cyborg within the one frame” now, so I guess I’m onboard fully, despite much initial resistance 😀

And, based on the ending, I can see room for more story and I wonder if – based on this interview that Lyn mentioned to me on twitter, maybe a film sequel in the future?

(It was fun to review a seasonal show as it streamed, but I don’t know if I could handle doing two this October. Maybe just one will be enough :D)

5 thoughts on “DECA-DENCE (12)

  1. Fun is one of the best ways to describe this anime. I never felt this optimistic and invested to the characters despite of their struggles to the system. From Natsume, Kabu, and everyone in the cast. If I had the chance, I would really like an actual game based on their world.

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      1. Has to be a sequel with a focus on exploration. Like the Zones are the main hub for your characters to prepare and gear up, with some minigames on the side. There could be even more information of how the company made the system in the first place. I don’t know the very specifics of how it could work but the potential is there!

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  2. I feel like it wrapped things up pretty well and I don’t see the urgency for a sequel. It felt like the director was a little hesitant in his interview too and I think that’s down to how he probably thinks that the story is done now.

    A game or prequel movie would be interesting though.

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