On Liking (Nearly) Everything

If you’ve seen any of my reviews over the last year and a bit here at the Heap then you might have noticed that there aren’t a whole host of 2 or 1 star scores. (And thus it probably seems like I enjoy everything).

In a way that’s true – because if I’m not enjoying something, I probably won’t finish it, or sometimes won’t review it. I also don’t seek out things I suspect I won’t enjoy, and thus, when I do review a film or a series it’s mostly getting 3-5 stars because I’m only writing about stuff I liked.

In addition, I’m quite easy to please when it comes to the media I consume 😀

So to counter this, I’ve rustled up some reviews that are actually lower than 3 stars, just to… prove to myself that I don’t like everything?

And so here they are, the lowest rated anime titles I’ve mentioned here at The Review Heap (so far…):


Wildly uneven tone on what was almost a magical adventure (as I saw it).

Like the Clouds, Like the Wind

If this hadn’t been so rushed near the end I would have loved this for sure!

Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise

Worth seeing… maybe, even if the lead is kinda terrible (in more ways than one).

And there we go – only three so far, but I do have one coming up that I think will be 2.5 so one day I can update this post, I guess!

Update – found one more!

Children of Whales

15 thoughts on “On Liking (Nearly) Everything

  1. I also only pick up things that I think I’m going to enjoy, so my reviews tend to skew towards the higher end of the scale as well. I think I only have a couple of reviews where I’ve given something a truly low score. Oh, well.

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  2. Haha, funny, I even got a question about that a week ago on my own blog when I gave something a bad review because I also mostly had positive reviews lately too😂 I’m very easy to please as well when it comes to watching stuff, but eh….sometimes there are things that I don’t like😀 Surprised a bit at the Wings of Honneamise getting a 2 star score. I loved that film!😀 But well, that’s the fun thing about pretty much everything: we all experience things differently which makes it so much fun!😊

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    1. Throwing them a curve-ball 😀

      Me too, I think I just enjoy at least *something* about most of the stuff I watch.

      Ah, ‘Wings….’ yeah – it’s an amazing film on some many levels, but Shiro is one of my all-time least favourite leads 😀

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      1. Lol, yeah I love throwing curve balls at times in my blog lol!😂
        Fair enough…it’s been ages since I’ve seen Wings, so when I see it now I might even have an entirely different opinion on it myself😊

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  3. I also only watch what I think I might like–and drop it if I’m not enjoying it. And I’ll only dedicate time to writing reviews about shows I like. After all, why spend time revisiting something you didn’t enjoy when you could be using that time to watch something else?

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  4. Interesting points there. Maybe you’re just a naturally positive person. Children of the Whales also came to mind as I thought it was disappointing, too. There are times I wonder if I am too positive or negative with my reviews on average. One concern I may have is me being negative with some of my rants in some reviews or certain posts. Of course, I did get a reputation for giving the riot act for film plagiarism cases, documentaries with uncomfortable truths, or calling out movies or series with problematic portrayals of race/ethnicity.

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    1. Hoping I am, yeah!

      It’s hard to stay positive all the time, huh? And rants have their uses, I reckon 🙂 It’s great that you’re taking on plagiarism in the reviews, for sure. Feels like too many big studios especially, trample all over those that came before them, far too often.

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      1. That could be a possibility. I wish I could be a bit more positive myself, but I try.

        I totally agree. Sometimes rants are necessary. Funny you mention rants and plagiarism because my review yesterday of the short film The Snowman involves that. Let’s just say that Disney just won’t let it go when it comes to ripping off things even if it was for a teaser trailer.

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