Toward the Terra (1980)

Toward the Terra (1980)

I tend to really enjoy stories that feature big concepts – especially imaginings of the future, and Toward the Terra features both of those things.

While it’s a generational story that skips a few years here and there, the beginning especially gives us a look at an unsettling ‘utopia’, a place boasting order and health but a place where a character might say something like “I’m sick of boys, let’s get a girl next time” and this statement would be perfectly normal.

The repressive society featured in Toward the Terra isn’t the main focus precisely, but it is the structure that our Chosen One (Jomy) must rebel against.

Ultimately, the story is a far-future struggle between humans and Mu (Mu are humans who can use psychic powers) and while the film does feature space battles and struggles, it’s not so much a war between equal and opposing sides, it’s more like a brainwashed humanity seeking to commit genocide upon the Mu.

It can be pretty grim – and while the ‘80s designs and animation might not make some of those things seem as visceral as modern shows could, it’s still compelling.

For me, the time skips I mentioned before suggest that this adaption would have worked really well as a series (and twenty-seven years later maybe it does :D), allowing the story to further explore things like Jomy and Physis for one, but beside that and similar issues related to the huge story and limited running time, I enjoyed Toward the Terra plenty.

4 Stars

12 thoughts on “Toward the Terra (1980)

  1. This is totally mind of thing. The look alone of this anime makes me smile, but I also love the story elements you have described. It’s probably going to be a hard one to track down for me, but I hope to see it one day! Great post as always!😀

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  2. Once again you review something I’ve also reviewed! Hahaha! Great job with it. Toward the Terra is so overlooked. Sure, the original movie does look dated, but the messages are still timely and arguably more relevant now with the issues involving systemic racism.

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          1. That would be a great post. I have also been coming up with some potential anime Top 7 lists that take a certain, yet specific angle when it comes to certain audiences. You should definitely try a post like that.

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