The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Nebārando)

The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Nebārando) 2019

As I’ve said before, I don’t mind being a year or two behind the pace when it comes to new shows because I tend to miss both the hype and the reactionaries.

However, I did catch on that a lot of folks enjoyed this when it came out, and I can now add myself to the ranks.

The Promised Neverland is edge-of-your-seat stuff, with memorable characters and formidable villans indeed, with a largely dormitory setting that manages to have enough variety to keep things interesting visually, but also, retain a heavy sense of claustrophobia, I reckon.

While it’d definitely be safe to say that this is a horror anime, and that it has a few other genres mixed in, I think psychological thriller/suspense is probably the one that jumps out at me. Very few characters have clear motives and it seems like everyone is, at one time or another, keeping secrets.

It was nice not to know exactly how something would play out, as well as be surprised a couple of times too. I can see how ‘Mom’ was voted as a fav villain and while I was hoping for a different resolution to her storyline, I remain excited for the delayed second season early next year.

I don’t want to write too much more, in fear of spoilers or hints, in case anyone is planning on watching The Promised Neverland but I will add that if you’re not keen on seeing kids suffer – a lot – then maybe give this a miss. Having said that, it’s not relentlessly grim… but it’s no walk in the park, that’s for sure. Cool opening theme too!

5 Stars

(Mamoru Kanbe also directed ‘The Perfect Insider which could be said to be in the same ballpark re secrets, mystery and suspense).

Note: I should have mention before, but Sister Krone’s design is not great. She’s an actually character with a mini arc but design-wise, yeah, too evocative of minstrel shows.

19 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Nebārando)

  1. Like you I’m probably two years (or more) behind, so I haven’t seen this one yet…but…have of course heard about it. It’s somewhere on my to watch list for anime series, so I will get to it at some point eventually. But at least it’s nice to know it’s a good series! I also don’t mind grim/no walks in the park, so that most certainly won’t hold me back either! 😀

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  2. I’ve been meaning to watch this show for a while. I love the manga, so I’m interested in seeing the anime adaptation, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Sounds like I should get my butt in gear so I’ll be all caught up in time for season two!

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  3. I’ve seen clips and I heard some intriguing things about the whole story. It is kind of surprising how this is a Shonen Jump of all things since it would be an out-of-genre experience given the stories they usually have. I did have my concerns with Krone’s character design which I find to be problematic as it evokes minstrel show/mammy imagery. This was still a good review though.

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    • Oh man, I forgot to mention that, yes, thank you for the reminder!

      Her design is *definitely* not the best work, huh? And while it’s better than what I saw of the manga, it’s still not great here.

      Krone has a good mini arc in the season but I can see the minstrel stuff, yeah, it’s a shame the re-design didn’t go further.

      Definitely feels a little left of field for Jump, which is nice, yeah.

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      • No problem, Ashley.

        Yeah, that design is very questionable. I did see the original manga art which is worse, but the anime design still doesn’t help.

        I see. I’m glad you were able to see the problematic aspects of that character even with her mini-arc.

        Of course. It doesn’t fit the typical Jump mold.

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          • That’s good. I wasn’t asking for an update, but good on you for caring. There are times where I had to update my posts after hearing about something after the fact like my South Pacific Power Couple review where a news story affected it despite the review existing weeks before that story broke involving one of the brief cameos featured.

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          • No probs, I think it’s worth updating, yeah.

            I’ll have to look for a few more reviews, just in case I’ve missed stuff. And interesting, I’ll take a look at your ‘South Pacific…’ review soon too.

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          • Very good. Good on you for doing so.

            Great! Feel free to look around with my archives on there. That’s cool. It still blows my mind that the person who has showed up in more documentaries than anyone else so far would be a New Zealander pro wrestler (TK Cooper) of all people. He also has major props for that social distancing match with Chuck Mambo which was one of the funniest things I’ve seen to come out of 2020. Anyways, with surpassing 400 posts, there’s certainly lots of material out there with the things I’ve reviewed.

            Out of curiosity, are there any good Australian movies you’d recommend? I haven’t got enough representation from your home country besides a few movies. I’ve seen He Died With a Falafel In His Hand and The Rage In Placid Lake before if you’ve heard of them.

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          • I didn’t see that match – that sounds hilarious, will check it out 🙂

            And yeah, I’ll have a think and come up with a tiny little short list, yeah, would love to give you some recs 😀

            (‘He Died…’ is a classic, nice!)

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          • Yeah, I posted it on that review and my Top 7 non-actors who should act list since Chuck Mambo was on there (Chuck told me he loved that list and not just the shout-out). They even had another match with Eddie Dennis who was another subject of a documentary I reviewed.

            Awesome! I’d like to know a bit more of that scene. To the best of my knowledge, the only things I’ve reviewed from Australia are Inja in my Art of the Short Film anthology review (South Africa/Australia, though) and the Desert Feet Tour documentary.

            You know that movie, too? Nice! I swear we’ve seen a lot of the same things. Hahaha!


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