Quick Guessing Game (4)

Another one!

Just like the last three posts like this one, here’s six images – jump in to guess the films/series 🙂

(Making a 80s/90s themed one this time.)

24 thoughts on “Quick Guessing Game (4)

  1. I’m not going to steal anyone’s thunder even though I do recognize some of them.

    #2 is none other than KUROGANE COMMUNICATION! Thank you, everyone! It’s the happiest post-apocalyptic anime that no one knew they needed! Thank you so much, Ashley. I still think it’s amazing how you’re the first aniblogger I know who has seen that anime. So criminally underrated.

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  2. Okay – here they are, including that final ‘undefeated’ image in position bottom left:

    Top, L-R = My Neighbor Totoro, Kurogane Communication, The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
    Bottom, L-R = Trigun, Vampire Hunter D, Gunsmith Cats

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