The Third: Girl with the Blue Eye (Za Sādo – Aoi Hitomi no)

The Third: Girl with the Blue Eye (Za Sādo – Aoi Hitomi no) 2007

The Third: Girl with the Blue Eye met most of my expectations and I did enjoy it a lot, but there was a little something missing for me when it came to the ending.

However, I’ll stick with what I liked most first.

As I’ve said before, I love adventure stories, and usually ones based on light novels (or just novels in general) tend to have great plots and charactarisation. And that’s mostly how I feel about this anime; it was great to see heroine Honoka roaming the post-apocalyptic world, saving folks with her blade and mech suit, aided by her AI tank and the mysterious Iks.

There is a central plot that reveals itself in time, and while I said ‘post-apoc’ I should mention that this is a reasonably hopeful future-earth, compared to other shows at least. The setting was one draw for me, and the friendly bickering between Honoka and her tank (Bogie, voiced by Unshou Ishizuka, ‘Jet Black’), was great too, along with the fight scenes and interpersonal aspects between leads.

One thing that really stands out was the fact that The Third has a narrator – usually providing exposition or character monologue, which was interesting. It worked for me – but I could definitely see that as an issue for some viewers.

I also wondered about Paifu and her ‘rivalry’ with Iks re: Honoka, as that came across as pretty odd onscreen, even downright creepy… is Paifu meant to actually be a villain? She tends to act like one throughout.

But my main issue is with the ending. (A few times, the animation also dips and the character models seem fairly ‘off’ but I did get over that.)

Instead, as the series begins to wrap, there’s a significant plot line that seems like it represents the ‘ending’. It gets a few episodes to resolve things, and I finished it feeling the sense that ‘it’s all been sorted/crisis averted’ – but it wasn’t really the end.

There was more of The Third… left, and suddenly, tension had to be rebuilt in the two remaining episodes, and so the actual closing episodes of the anime didn’t feel quite as ‘big’ to me.

Having said that, it wasn’t a bad ending either… but it just didn’t land the same way as the preceding episodes, I guess. I was still interested to learn some final secrets, and I was always going to watch the final two, but yeah. Hard for me to rate, I probably personally enjoyed it a bit more than my score will suggest.

3 Stars

During the early-middle period of the series, there’s an episode or two with these stark, dramatic shadows that I really liked:

7 thoughts on “The Third: Girl with the Blue Eye (Za Sādo – Aoi Hitomi no)

      1. Totally understandable. I do struggle with things I give a 5/10 to and I have my Adjustable Point System for backup when it comes to certain viewers. Haha! It seems like average reviews can be the hardest to write because if you write something positive or negative, you have a stronger emotion when getting your thoughts down. If it’s just average, then it gets tough expressing how one really feels when it’s just middle of the road.

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          1. Thanks, Ashley. It was certainly made with the awareness that not everyone will have the same opinion as me, and I do want some interactive nature with my review. I was inspired by THEM Anime how they would sometimes say “add or subtract a star if…”, but greatly expanding on that concept for a lot more variable why someone would like something more or less.

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          2. I like that about it, yeah – gives you some space to show that awareness of what others might like or dislike, and thus it adds extra functional value too, huh?

            I have a review of ‘Mirai’ coming up sometime that could use the add/subtract approach, I reckon. It didn’t work for me but I can see some audiences being thrilled with it for sure.

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          3. Glad you appreciate that. I do want to give my readers some space and sometimes it can be needed like if I review something more intense or where I have a contrary opinion compared to most reviewers on a certain film or series. I agree! I wanted there to be some functionality with such a system.

            Ooh! I’m looking forward to that review. It’s a shame that I haven’t seen an entire Hosoda film that wasn’t Digimon: The Movie. Haha! Feel free to use that approach for that review. I know you’ve referenced it in one of your other posts a while ago.

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