Maybe #3 (Wonder Egg Priority, Back Arrow, Kemono Jihen and Scar on the Praeter)

Quite similar to my ‘Abandoned’ posts here’s a new ‘Maybe’ entry – and again I’m using it to mention a few seasonal shows that I’ve tried out and liked.

At this point I’ve only seen one episode from each show and that’s probably not enough for me to make a fair assessment, really… but at this point, I’m continuing on with all, I reckon.

One or two I might set aside and complete more quickly when they’re finished, but I think I’ll watch Back Arrow each week for sure.

Wonder Egg Priority

Just a few words on each – but first up is one show that definitely caught my eye, even before I realised it was a CloverWorks series. Very keen to see where it goes, plenty of mystery and engaging visuals too.

Anyone else watching this one?

Back Arrow

A while ago I was reviewing ‘GunXsword’ and asking myself, ‘would someone actually make a show like this today?’ and maybe I got my answer here with Back Arrow 😀

This feels a bit like Gorō Taniguchi is taking some influence from his past, and so I’m pretty excited about that possibility.

Kemono Jihen

I really hope this show spends some more time in the countryside, and not just the city. Having said that, I’ll probably watch it anyway – it’s a bit of urban fantasy/supernatural show (with some horror elements.)

I remember feeling the atmosphere in this episode and I’m also curious about the lead characters, so I’ll definitely be watching the next one.

Scar on the Praeter

Visually this is very glossy and I’m of two minds about how much I like that – and the dialogue was quite exposition-heavy… but in spite of my misgivings, I’m definitely watching episode two, fun action and an interesting setting is enough for me.

There are a few other shows I’m watching that are new as well, but they’re not ‘maybe’ they’re more ‘definitely’ at this point (one is the second ‘…Neverland’ season and the other is ‘Otherside Picnic’.)

Anything on your list that I should take a look at? 😀

5 thoughts on “Maybe #3 (Wonder Egg Priority, Back Arrow, Kemono Jihen and Scar on the Praeter)

  1. There are just too many shows that look promising, I don’t have time to watch them all right now…

    Starting with Neverland, Quints, and Dr Stone. Otherside picnic has me intrigued. Feel like I’m going to spend the entire season avoiding spoilers…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it’s hard to choose! And I’ve got plenty left over from previous seasons + my own list 😀

      Enjoying the ‘…Neverland’ heaps, yeah. Definitely planning to watch it weekly, rather than wait.

      Liked by 1 person

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