Now and Then, Here and There (Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku)

Now and Then, Here and There (Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku) 1999

This was no walk in the part – equal parts compelling and disturbing.

And if you want to see a fictional narrative that explores the brutal horrors of child soldiers then look no further, since Now and Then, Here and There wipes the floor with something like Children of Whales for instance.

With that admittedly dramatic opening paragraph, I won’t actually do a long review but instead mention something connected to the show first.

Not too long ago, actress Hiroko Konishi (who played Boo) revealed awful, abusive behaviour by NTHT director Akitaro Daichi. I doubt the animation industry got as much attention as Hollywood in terms of exposing abusers, so I hope things can start to change there too.

If you do take a look at this short series, expect some tough moments but you’ll be moved throughout.

Maybe the animation is not endlessly flashy, but it doesn’t need to be at all. The story and characters are the stars – and there are some real heroes here, like Shu and Sis (to name just two), based in part on how they try to solve their problems. They contrast perfectly with the villains too, from the psychopath Hamdo to the brainwashed/cowardly Abelia.

No easy answers to complex problems in this anime.

And thanks to Curtis for the rec 🙂

5 thoughts on “Now and Then, Here and There (Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku)

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Also, I went and read several articles based on Hiroko Konishi’s allegations. Horrible and shameless, indeed.

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  2. Great review, Ashley. I strongly agree with this anime handling the horrors of child soldiers WAY better than how Children of the Whales did. This was an anime I enjoyed even though this is easily one of the darkest anime I’ve seen. Once I heard about the allegations, my heart just sank and it’s hard to look at that anime the same way again especially since Hiroko Konishi working for Akitaro Daichi for this and some of his other works.

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    1. Thanks! Very glad you recommended it to me – and it just feels miles ahead, huh?

      Obviously utterly impossible for me to really fathom what it would be like but I was able to understand the character’s motivations so well, to see the evil in the ways they were manipulated.


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      1. You’re welcome. It really was ahead of the time. This even deconstructs isekai anime before that became an actual genre if you really think about it.

        Yes, they did a great job portraying the different motivations and a lot of it was believable even with the distant post-apocalyptic future setting.

        I know, and it was so heartbreaking hearing the allegations since I really liked that anime back then. It’s tough for me to separate the art from the artist. Besides that, I recently had a similar feeling rediscovering an anime I saw in my teens where someone in the dub did something horrible years after the fact and I didn’t know about it until after watching it recently.

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