Update (+ Guessing Game)


Lately, I’ve been pretty busy changing jobs – I left a deeply flawed and unpleasant workplace (and career) and now work different hours in a new industry and specifically a much better workplace – so lots to learn!

These changes have been slowing me down when it comes to posting here (as does time spent wrapping up a few writing projects) but I thought I’d try to catch up with a few posts over the next week or so.

And also!

If I owe you a comment or a response to something, you’re most definitely on my list πŸ˜€

So, here’s another guessing game… in part because it’s faster for me to create these than a review! No theme but I tried to go for vaguely similar colours.

(Some of these are easy ones and a few should be harder – for one image there’s a clue that’s far more visible if you click on the image.)

13 thoughts on “Update (+ Guessing Game)

          1. Still not a bad guess πŸ™‚

            But I just realised, I wonder if my display matches what everyone sees? And so the ‘middle’ for me might not be the same image for everyone? (I think that’s happened in the past here on wordpress).

            But the one I’m calling ‘middle’ has the sunset/city sky line, and is from ‘The Big O’ πŸ˜€

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          2. Gotcha.

            Yeah, if it’s on the blog page and not the reader it does affect the order of the photos.

            Oh, wow! I haven’t seen The Big O in ages, so that’s why I didn’t notice it.

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