Abandoned #9 (High-rise Invasion, Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, AfterLost & Chrome Shelled Regios)

As ever, with these posts I don’t usually rule out one day returning to the titles I list each time… but something didn’t grab me for these ones upon first attempt.

And so, two quick notes first up (though I only have a touch more to say about the others as I’m a bit pressed for time :D)

High-rise Invasion

I didn’t finish episode one here and I think it was because I’m picky when it comes to ‘in medias res’ kinda openings. (They tend to be empty of connection for me.)

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

Rage… was just as bright and visually pleasing as its predecessor and had some fun action sequences… but I went in wanting more characters from the past and got far too little of them, and so I’ve set this to one side for now because I really ought to judge the sequel on its own merits and I can’t seem to do that at present.


From memory I’m about two episodes in and once again, a show that was very much casting the viewer into the middle of everything and then wavering between abandoning context altogether and portioning out just enough.

More than that, perhaps, was my own expectations getting in the way.

I read the logline as two strangers having to solve a science-fiction kinda mystery about the vanished citizens of an entire city but instead it was a little more paranormal + high-tech government conspiracy stuff.

Which is not bad at all but just not what I was keen for going in 🙂

Chrome Shelled Regios

Only two and a half episodes complete and there was a lot I was enjoying here re: the somewhat post-apocalyptic setting and other science-fiction elements for example. Some of the characters seemed like they were going to have nice arcs too but I simply haven’t come back to this yet.

It’s probably been a case of other shows drawing my attention more consistently, I guess.

Maybe of all the ones I’ve mentioned here, this is the show I might come back to first but it’s hard to say for sure!

3 thoughts on “Abandoned #9 (High-rise Invasion, Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, AfterLost & Chrome Shelled Regios)

  1. I’ve seen the first 9 episodes of Chrome Shelled Regios a long time ago. It was a weird series that had a lot of mood whiplash with the post-apocalyptic stuff mixed with the school hijinks. I never finished it because it felt inconsistent.

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