Trigun (Toraigan)

Trigun (Toraigan) (1998)

Welcome to Trigun week!

As I did with Nadia here, I’m reviewing Trigun by breaking things up into arcs or at least sections. The plan is to once more share posts one at a time over the next 6 days or so, instead of putting everything together in a single, long write-up.

Again, also in a very similar way to what I did with Nadia, I want to note that my arcs are just ones that I’ve come up with, they’re quite obviously nothing official. I found it more difficult to divide Trigun up into various parts than I did with Nadia, and so these divisions especially might not gel with what you see as distinct movements in the series.

In time, the list below will include links but for now it’s just my arcs/sections:

The Mysterious Man in Red Arc – Episodes 1-5
The Sand Steamer Arc – Episodes 6-8
Wolfwood Arc – Episodes 9-11
The Gung-Ho Guns Arc – Episodes 12-17
‘Doubts’ Arc – Episodes 18-23
The Final Shoot Out Arc – Episodes 24-26

Finally, I should add that I don’t have a whole lot of objectivity when it comes to Trigun, as it’s one of my all-time favs and I watch it a couple of times a year compared to other favs that I might not watch as often.

More, I’ll probably end up focusing far less on the production side of things this time around, since I believe it went a lot smoother when compared to Nadia.

So, if by chance you haven’t come across Trigun before, I’ll quickly say that, like many anime out there, it’s an adaptation of a manga.

It’s also one that focuses on action, comedy and drama with a lone gunman wandering a desert-like world… at first.

Now, whether it’s a great or a good adaptation might depend on how you feel about the ending, where the adaptation and source material certainly diverge. Author Yasuhiro Nightow was still working on Trigun while the anime aired and so there had to be differences – but I plan to start at the start of course, so no more about the ending for now!

Until tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Trigun (Toraigan)

    1. Such a classic, huh? 🙂
      And I always find something I’d missed upon each new viewing, which is fun.

      And wow, I’d forgotten about that one – fair amount of work must have gone into it. (Nearly ten years old already too, which feels surprising.)


      1. I’m with you on Trigun’s great world-building, interesting cast and story line, and with it’s comedic side it has become one of my comfort series! Vash is really an amazing character who’s capable of making you feel many things, occasional second hand embarrassment being one xD

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