Something good to say about 5 anime I didn’t like that much…

Irina over at I drink and watch anime came up with a cool tag which I thought I’d try – I probably mentioned a few good things about these texts in my original reviews, but I’ll try add to that today 🙂

(The shows/films might be familiar, as I’ve listen them before.)


I’ve said before that I thought the tone was wildly uneven in this series (among other things), but what I did enjoy was the unabashed adventure feel combined with airships – that’s always a plus for me.

My theory is that any kind of steampunk/airship aspects are going to please me thanks to JRPGs from the ’90s and so Fractale had enough of time spent flying around that I can definitely mention that as a plus.

Like the Clouds, Like the Wind

Maybe I’m being a bit hard on this one – in terms of the heading of this post – because I liked this plenty… but the ending was so rushed and compressed that I felt a little sad at the end.

On the other hand, this has a fair few stand-out character designs from Katsuya Kondō (familiar to Ghibli fans no doubt) and so watching it offered feelings of familiarity.

Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise

Ah, a space-race film with animation so good that it nearly sank Gainax before the studio took off.

I exaggerate a little I guess, but it is really grand – fluid and detailed, there are so many stunning sequences throughout. I love the assassination attempt or the race to Riquinni’s place to mention just two. (The world-building is pretty ace also).

Children of the Whales

The art style I liked a fair bit – and maybe the obvious work placed into developing how an isolated society might operate, though maybe the credit there goes to Abi Umeda’s manga?

I might add to this if I finish more anime that I don’t really enjoy – but for now, this is what I’ve got!

Seen any of these?

16 thoughts on “Something good to say about 5 anime I didn’t like that much…

    1. Thanks! And thanks for that post, ace idea for a tag 🙂

      I really liked it yeah – there’s a very textured look to the art style most of the time, which is probably what pulled me through as much as anything else.

      There’s also the occasional moments where things shift like this, which I was transfixed by during the anime:

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  1. I’ve seen Children of the Whales and there was some things that made it interesting. The lack of any sort of real ending was a major disappointment. It didn’t even really close off anything. The artwork was good though.

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    1. I might have a few more to add to this one day, which I’ll be curious to see if you’ve seen, but lately I’ve been abandoning things pretty quickly, even stuff I might have finished a few months ago.

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        1. Ace, keen to see what that one was!

          Yeah, tried out a handful of shows and they didn’t seem to be what I was after (one was actually ‘Space Dandy’ which I’ve long been curious about).

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          1. Just wait and see. That review is in it’s finishing stages.

            I see. I’m still getting back into the swing of watching anime again after not watching too many things for a while. How was Space Dandy?

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          2. 😀

            Well, I think I might be judging too early (half of episode one, lol) but it kinda struck me as a touch ‘juvenile’.

            (Obviously, there’s a LOT of parody going on but I don’t know if I feel compelled to keep watching)

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          3. 🙂

            I see. Granted, I haven’t seen that series, so I can’t comment on it. Parody can be hit or miss with me. I like Shinesman and even Escape from Tomorrow (despite most critic’s thoughts on that movie), but at the same time I couldn’t stand Debutante Detective Corps or the Scary Movie series.

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          4. Exactly.

            I’ve never seen Gintama before. That’s a really long series. I heard positive things about that series, but I never had the chance to watch it or read the manga.

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