Abandoned #10 (Lupin III Part 4, Space Adventure Cobra, Cannon Busters, Space Dandy & The Future Diary)

While I procrastinate/struggle to finish my Perfect Blue review I thought I’d whip up another of my ‘Abandoned’ posts 😀

Standard disclaimer as usual: not ruling out one day returning to any of these… one day, someday etc etc

Lupin III Part 4

This one is probably not deserving of being in the list – just feel like I need to finish Part 2 and Part 3 before I start the Italian Adventure.

Space Adventure Cobra (1980s series)

I was enjoying the tweaking of ‘We Can Remember It for You Wholesale’ in the first episode, but maybe I actually spent too long comparing the series to the film, which seemed stronger overall.

One day I reckon I’ll finish this.

Cannon Busters

I wanted to like Cannon Busters more than I did but I think I only reached episode 3.

The setting and characters, the premise, even the very vague Trigun-feel to some aspects, all of those things should have been something I’d enjoy but I’m having trouble putting my finger on exactly what didn’t work for me.

Another case of my own expectations getting in the way? It might have been the writing itself actually… I’m still thinking about it now.

Space Dandy

I didn’t actually finish episode one here. I was thinking of a single word to describe why I didn’t keep going, and maybe it’s because Space Dandy struck me as ‘juvenile’.

Usually, I really enjoy parodies and I’ve loved every other work by Shinichirō Watanabe that I’ve seen, and so I really feel like I ought to give this another try in the future.

The Future Diary

The concept really caught my attention – different people having access to their own or other folks’ futures but only seeing ahead for a few minutes at a time.

It seemed like a great way to keep a lid on the naturally occurring difficulties with time travel stories but by the end of the first episode I realised the structure was probably going to be a ‘plot-fodder’ one, with a heap of disposable characters.

(And by ‘plot-fodder’ I’m doing a silly opposite of ‘plot-armour’ :D).

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