Popular Reviews from the Last 6 Months

This is a post where, as suggested, I highlight some reviews that have been popular in the previous 6 months. (Last time around I also did a post that was more like just my favs from each month but I’m a bit busy at the moment :D).

Below can be found those posts that got the most traffic – though I may or may not have done the best job in expressing myself in them.

(Once again, I’m still not ready with my ‘Prefect Blue’ review but I’m making tiny strides!)

December – Sword in the Stone

January – Nadia vs Atlantis

February – Update (+ Guessing Game)

March – Trigun (The Gung-Ho Guns Arc)

April – Karakuri Circus

May – Ergo Proxy (Collaboration) :)

I was interested to see that my Nadia v Atlantis post still gets some attention and that a Guessing Game post got in there too 😀

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Popular Reviews from the Last 6 Months

  1. Good on you for putting pictures of Yugo the Negotiator on there. Haha!

    The Nadia/Atlantis post has been getting lots of views? Wow! That is awesome! More people should know about that controversy.

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    1. I was a little surprised, actually – I didn’t think that many folks were aware of the show since it’s getting pretty old now, so that’s great.

      So glad you reviewed ‘Yugo…’ as I doubt I’d have ever come across it otherwise!

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      1. That certainly is surprising. I know Atlantis isn’t the most popular Disney movie, but people still know it. Nadia even isn’t the biggest Gainax work and it’s overshadowed by EVA, FLCL, and TTGL to name a few.

        Thanks! I’m glad that review gave you interest in watching it.

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