The Other Top Ten?

Last year I was doing posts for a so-called ‘liquid’ top ten, meant to suggest that it was kind of a flexible, ever-changing list etc etc

Maybe a year or more after starting the posts I think there’s not enough movement for me to make them quarterly… however, what about numbers 11 – 20?

Well, today is one post about those anime πŸ™‚

(You can click here to see the most recent Top Ten and some of the parameters I set for myself but below is for different shows).

The Other Top Ten (11-20) But Not Ranked

Megalobox (+ Nomad) (2018 / 2021)
Samurai Champloo (2004)
Full Metal Alchemist (2003)
Haikyuu!! (2014)
Ushio & Tora (2015)
Pyscho-Pass (2012)
RahXephon (2002)
Witch Hunter Robin (2002)
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (2004)
Vision of Escaflowne (1996)

Now, maybe I’m cheating by counting ‘Megalobox/Nomad’ as one entry, but I see them as two parts of one story (obviously) and so I’m keeping them in πŸ˜€

Perhaps later I’ll do a few thoughts on each (if I haven’t already done so before). Maybe framed around why they didn’t quite make it to the Top Ten, rather than too much on why I like ’em.

And like last time, I’m always looking for classics to add to the list and so if anything you think I’d like is missing, I’d love to hear about it!

5 thoughts on “The Other Top Ten?

  1. Good on you for mentioning RahXephon and Escaflowne on there!

    Requests for classic works, eh? If I didn’t mention these anime already or if you didn’t review them, it would be cool reading your thoughts on Megazone 23, ROD The TV, Roujin Z, Shamanic Princess, and Texhnolyze.

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    1. They’ve been knocking on the door of the top ten for a long time, thought I needed to at least mention how closely πŸ˜€

      Awesome, thank you! Still haven’t been able to find/afford ‘RoujinZ/Megazone 23’ but I will keep hunting! And I have ‘Texhnolyze’ – just need to start it!

      And cool, I don’t think I’ve come across ‘Shamanic Princess’ before, added to my list of shows to find!

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      1. Makes a ton of sense. Hahaha!

        You’re welcome. Let me know when you get to check out any of those examples. You got Texhnolyze? Nice! I definitely want to read that review when it comes out.

        That was an interesting and short series. I still can’t believe it was created by Outlaw Star’s director of all people.

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          1. Nice!

            That’s right. It was an interesting dark fantasy work with a hint of magical girl elements without feeling all that shojo. I’ve heard of Reideen, but haven’t seen it. My first exposure to that was Super Robot Wars Alpha.

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