Guessing Game (11)

A very quick guessing game – mix of older and new, recognise any? 😀

(not happy with the varying sizes/alignments but here they are nevertheless!)

9 thoughts on “Guessing Game (11)

      1. There’s very definitely two cyberpunk texts up there and the pic where a character has folded arms reminds me of ‘Armitage III’ as well, but that one is from an OVA based on a video game from 1998.

        Not sure if this clue will be very useful, but the game had some similarities to ‘Quake’.

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  1. I meant to come back to this earlier but here are the results:

    Akudama Drive
    The Daughter of Twenty Faces
    Goku: Midnight Eye
    Sin: The Movie
    The Wonderland

    (Not sure how the pics are displaying for you but Trigun is the ‘sepia’ shot and the pic with the motorbike is The Daughter of Twenty Faces)


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