Sin: The Movie

Sin: The Movie is a cyberpunk OVA with a few big action sequences but a fairly brisk plot in some sections – maybe too brisk. It’s only 50 or so minutes long, but it feels like it’s telling more of a feature-length story.

A connected issue was the character work – the variety in design isn’t matched by the depth of charactarisation, which is a shame, as a bit of extra screentime would have been great – especially for Elyse who too often feels like a plot device.

It is an action-focused cyberpunk anime and so that’s where the focus is (and sometimes that’s exactly what I’m looking for) but maybe Sin didn’t have the kind-of breathtaking action that often makes up for other possible deficiencies.

On the upside, if you’re a fan of the era, the style or genre in general then there’s probably going to be just enough to satisfy.

But before I finish, I want to quickly jump over to video games for a moment.

Back in 1996 there was a game called Quake, which was pretty big deal in the gaming world, and its engine and variants thereof would soon feature in more than a few games that followed, one of which was Sin.

And I mention this of course because Sin: The Movie is loosely based on the game and I was interested to learn that the game team seemed at least somewhat involved in the movie. (It was also produced by ADV Films from top to bottom too, which I hadn’t realised).

3 Stars if I’m feeling generous.

I forgot to mention, the music is performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, which does give the movie an extra dimension.

6 thoughts on “Sin: The Movie

  1. I remember seeing a trailer for this a long time ago. Sorry to hear it wasn’t so great. That’s interesting how the Warsaw Philharmonic scored it. They’ve helped out with Giant Robo, Escaflowne, and even Gankutsuou which I just found out about.

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      1. Sounds like it.

        Yeah, that is an interesting connection with that symphony. I’ll have to look into it since I did like their musical contributions to whatever I’ve seen of them. I also forgot they did the soundtrack to Battle Royale, too!

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    1. Wish there had been more running time, yeah.

      It felt like all the elements were there for the story to have some extra layers (like Blade’s past for one example) but they didn’t always get enough screen time for me.

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