Review (A-Z List) Update

Just a quick post while I’m still working on finishing my current novel – I’ve updated my review list, I think it’s 12 or so reviews that I added/missed since I first made the page back in July 🙂

Reviews: A-Z

And while I’m here, I’ll throw open requests again – anything you’d like me to review here at the blog?

7 thoughts on “Review (A-Z List) Update

  1. Good on you for having an A-Z list. That is certainly helpful. Apologies for any repeats for previous requests. Maybe you could review something like Shinesman, When Marnie Was There, Cybersix, or Haibane Renmei.

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    1. Glad it’s useful! And no, it’s nice to hear some of these again – and while I don’t have them all, I actually have ‘Haibane Renmei’ now 🙂 ‘Cybersix’ I will definitely add to the list, as I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, thanks!

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      1. No problem. You have Haibane Renmei now? AWESOME! I would like to hear your opinions on that series. Cybersix is on RetroCrush which is how I was able to revisit this. I still can’t believe it was co-produced in Japan.

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        1. I do at least, keen to check it out and post a review! (Next on my hunting list is ‘Monster’).

          I think I saw ‘Cybersix’ on Amazon one day, that might be one option. I didn’t realise it was a co-production, interesting! More for me to read up on 🙂

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          1. Cool. Monster is another good example even if it’s a longer work.

            Nice! Yeah, it’s originally from an Argentinean comic, but partially animated in Canada and Japan through TMS of all studios.

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