Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse

This film would probably be a real delight for folks who like in-jokes and intertextuality.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse (2018)

It’s also nice – after 60-odd years – to see the character expanding as other folks don the suit and save the world!

Into the Spider Verse might feel like wall-to-wall awesome action sequences but there’s enough time for character development for Miles and even Spider-Gwen, along with a few classic super-hero twists that you’ll probably see coming if you’re fairly familiar with the genre.

Aside from those moments (which I still found effective) there is a new depth, and opportunities for humour, due to the multi-verse structure. I won’t offer spoilers here, in case you’re like me and it takes you a while to see things that make a big splash upon release (I’m roughly 3 years late :D).

Although, there is a fun voice acting choice for a supporting character that I wasn’t expecting – a perfect fit, really. I want to spoil it now but really, that’s no fun at all.

Highly recommended if you like top-notch animation (on many, many levels here) and want to see a different take on Spiderman.

5 Stars

7 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse

      1. Yeah. It’s also surprising that a Marvel animated film got the theatrical treatment. That certainly didn’t happen in the 90s when the Spider-Man cartoon was prominent and 2nd only to X-Men back then.

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          1. Imagine travelling to the future as a kid from the times when superheroes were kinda scorned and seeing wall-to-wall superhero stuff in the cinemas + all the connected hype etc

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          2. Yeah, my childhood or even teenage self wouldn’t know what to think about that if the past me saw what’s been going on over the past decade or so. Hahaha! The younger me would also get hipster points for knowing who characters like Thanos and Black Panther were before it was cool to know about them.

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