Series Reviews now on the Menu

Well – two of them, so far!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m planning to do one or two reviews per year (give or take) that end up longer than my usual ones, with multiple connected posts etc.

So far, as you can see from the menu above, I’ve got Nadia and Trigun complete.

Those links under the “Series Review” heading will take you to a landing/intro pages for each show, and that’s where I’ll be adding more when I can. Next up may or may not be Cowboy Bebop, and I’ve mentioned before considering others like Ghost in the Shell: SAC and FMA, or maybe even one or two anime I’ve already reviewed.

Actually, on that note, if you’ve got an idea for a show that’s between say 20 – 60 odd episodes long that you think I should review in more detail than usual, lemme know 😀

13 thoughts on “Series Reviews now on the Menu

  1. Where would you like me to start? 🙂 There are the obvious ones like Eva and RahXephon. Then there are the less obvious ones like Paranoia Agent (yes, I know it’s not 20 episodes, but it still could hold up a more intensive review.) Honey and Clover, Psycho-Pass, Tiger and Bunny, Bakemonogatari, Turn A Gundam. Granted, I can write a lot about relatively little. I’m probably not the best person to talk about long reviews.

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    1. Yes! ‘Eva’ is the perfect candidate, since I haven’t reviewed it yet and I could definitely expand my ‘RahXephon’ review yeah. (Also ‘Paranoia Agent’, good one!).

      And ace, thanks for all of these – can you tell me a bit about ‘Honey & Clover’ and ‘Bakemonogatari’? 🙂 Haven’t heard much about either of those.

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      1. So Honey and Clover is a 36-episode series following the lives of five art college students. It’s a josei series. Overall, it’s a lot of drama, but it’s not over the top drama.

        Bakemonogatari is a bit hard to describe. The title literally translates into monster story. It’s effectively a series of small stories about a series of girls caught up in some sort of mystical trouble. The main male lead ends up involved in trying to help them overcome that. There is some ecchi stuff in there, but the first series is pretty low-key.

        What really sells the show is the writing and the art direction. The dialogue comes off a bit artificial, but not in a bad way, but in a stylized kind of way. The art and character designs and animation are just beautiful.

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  2. That’s cool how you have a series review option in the menu. It can be so helpful to know all the things you’ve covered. 20-60 episodes? A few that I can think of that you could cover would be Dai-Guard, the 00s Cyborg 009 remake, Cromartie High School, Zeta Gundam, Nadesico, Stellvia, and Planetes.

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    1. Thanks! I might keep refining the menu a bit further and add a ‘comparisons’ item, I think.

      And awesome, I haven’t seen most of these so I will do some digging – ‘Cromartie High School’ sounds interesting with the absurdist/surreal aspects? I have ‘Nadesico’ here so that could be good and I’ve wanted to see ‘Dai-Guard’ for a long time, cool!

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      1. You’re welcome. Nothing wrong with refinements here and there.

        Nice! I was wondering what you’ve seen before. Cromartie is a short watch since the episodes are 13-15 minutes long. The surrealist aspects do work with the comedy. Dai-Guard is something I really want to rewatch. It still blows my mind how they played the first two episodes of that show on Toonami of all things during Giant Robot Week when I was in my early teens. Yes, Dai-Guard technically got airtime with DBZ even if it was briefly back in the day.

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        1. 13-15 minutes each sounds nice too, cool.

          That’s a surprise 😀 Did you get to finish ‘Dai-Guard’ in the past? It pops up fairly often in my reading here and there, like lists of shows that have been a bit forgotten or overlooked etc

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          1. Yes, so it’s a short watch for a complete series. Kind of like Kurogane Communication, right?

            That’s right and I had never heard of that anime until I saw it way back when. I haven’t seen the entirety of the series, but I do know some of the things that happen later in Dai-Guard. It’s something I want to watch the whole thing and even back then I thought it was interesting with the insurance company angle. For me, I’d be interested to compare and contrast it with Shinesman given how both use business satire in their respective series although Dai-Guard is nowhere near as wacky as that OVA.

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