Guessing Game (16)

Guessing Game is back again, this time it’s Round 16!

As most often with these posts, I haven’t gone for any theme here, it’s just some random images from a variety of eras.

In one image in particular, I’ve hidden the show as best I can by avoiding characters – but it’s a pretty famous series πŸ˜€

Recognise any?

10 thoughts on “Guessing Game (16)

    1. The fifth looks like a 70s-era anime, I feel like I’ve seen the one with the cats but maybe I’m just groping in the dark… uh, Parasite Dolls is my last guess and then I’m throwing in the towel for the sixth entry.

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  1. Oo, these are tricky! I agree, number 2 is Akira. Number 3 looks like Lupin the 3rd, but I’m not sure which series or movie. For the last image, I almost want to say it’s from an episode of Detective Conan, but maybe not? It’s from a detective series, right?

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    1. Nice! Spot on for those two, and the Lupin one is ‘The Woman Called Fujiko Mine’.

      ‘Detective Conan’ is a similar vintage, absolutely. But I have a clue, which might give the final image away, but it’s from a famous show with robots πŸ˜€

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