The Review Heap is just a tiny blog for me* to review the stuff I like – and it’s rare that I spend a lot of time with something I’m not enjoying, thus you probably won’t find any of those trendy ‘take-down’ reviews here (though spoilers will occur).

However, if you like anime, music, film, gaming and books you might find some interesting stuff here from time to time – and again, because the focus at the Heap is for me to ramble at my own pace, there’s not going to be a much of a schedule… but I will work through as many things that catch my eye as I can over the rest of the year for a start and then in 2020, see if I’m still having a blast 😀

And quickly on my ratings:

  • 5 StarsSeminal, genre-defining, amazing, will watch again (& again)
  • 4 StarsExcellent, distinctive, made me think, will watch again
  • 3 StarsGood on every level, but might not need to see again
  • 2 StarsOk, probably not memorable or pretty flawed
  • 1 StarDNF (or riddled with flaws)

(*and by ‘me’ I mean ‘Ashley Capes’ – I’m a writer from Australia).