Grieving and Moving Forward in A Place Further Than the Universe Episode 12

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Today, it’s from Jack at ‘Animated Observations’ 🙂


Hey all, thanks for checking out this post, and a big thanks to Ashley for allowing me some space on their wonderful blog. A quick introduction of myself: My name is Jack, but you might also find me doing other stuff under Storytella. Primarily, I run a blog called Animated Observations talking about anime, manga, and other things that interest me from a somewhat academic/literary-focused lens. That being said, hope you enjoy it.

“There is no time like the present,” or so many like to think, but the past, and the familial bonds tied with it, are not so easily left behind. The story of A Place Further Than the Universe is one which centers on this idea, as one of its main characters, along with her strange collection of new friends set off to try and reach the place where her mother disappeared.

A Place Further Than the Universe

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Aria The Animation – That Starlike Fairy Episode 9

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Quick Intro

Better do the hello thing otherwise I’ll be another passing ship in the blogger night for some people. My name is Lita and I talk about too many things on the interwebs involving anime. You can check out my blog here and solo podcast I run monthly

I felt humbled Ash asking me to write for his new site, the vision here aligns with a new view I have for single episodes as opposed at heart I am a anime binger. Last month and a bit ago, I completed the first season of a beloved anime franchise that has spanned over a decade: Aria The Animation. Being described as the most “zen” anime there is, certainly possesses this quality but definitely much more with a life philosophical approach. Each episode comes with a life aspect, reminder of the everyday like you’re wrapped in a blanket, warm and…

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Gun X Sword Episode 3: Mecha and Nostalgia

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This time it’s a post from Scott who is writing about ‘Gun x Sword’ which is awesome indeed 😀

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I want to open this post by saying hi. My name is Scott and I run a blog called Mechanical Anime Reviews. Follow my blog by clicking on the title. Right now, I am in a special monthly event called Mecha March and this is a post sort of attached to it. This is my first time writing a post for this blog and I am hoping to write more of them in the future not attached to Mecha march. Thanks for having me. 

About Gun X Sword Episode 3

Gun X Sword is a mecha show from 2005 directed by the great Goro Tanigichu. It was also written by Hideyuki Kurata and produced by AIC. The show itself takes place on a planet called Endless Illusion. Yes, already the show is like a fever dream just by the name alone. A protagonist by the name of Van…

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Cowboy Bebop – Bohemian Rhapsody

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Science Fiction

Cowboy Bebop (1998)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Episode 14)
Director: Hirokazu Yamada Writer: Dai Satō

Often when I think about Cowboy Bebop it tends to be the more dramatic episodes that come to mind, like Ballad of Fallen Angels, Jupiter Jazz, etc but the anime is also known for having plenty of humour too – and this is one of those storylines.

Here, the crew are trying to figure out who hacked the Gate terminals, ripping off a LOT of people in the process, but that’s the crime/investigating side of the plot.

For the comedy, there’s probably just as much onscreen – whether it’s poor Ed struggling with the chess game (not to mention being zapped) or bounty hunter Jonathan’s outburst and fate, or the Three Old Men popping up once again.

It’s an episode that features a lot of fun comedy conventions: running jokes, sight gags, slapstick…

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The Exiles Trilogy – Kickstarter!

Time for something a little different today!

While I usually post writing stuff on my other blogs and never here, I’m pretty deep in ‘promotion-mode’ with this campaign at the moment, and so I wanted to mention my current Kickstarter 🙂

If you’re curious, you can take a look by clicking the banner image below:

But more importantly, if you know anyone who reads the fantasy genre and you had a moment to send them my way, that would be great!

The Exiles Trilogy is a multi-pov epic fantasy series with a connected story that follows four main characters on their struggles after being exiled from their homes, their loved ones and even their nations too – more detail can be found over on the campaign page!

Above, I’ve shared two out of the three covers that my amazing cover artist has created, Rebekah from 😀

Thanks for taking a look at the Exiles Trilogy!


Rhapsodise! (Quick Preview)

This is just a little follow-up post for now, but I want to share a short list of some of the anime that will be featured on the blog.

As to which show/episode I should start with, I still don’t know… but that’s part of the fun, perhaps!

  1. Cowboy Bebop
  2. RahXephon
  3. The Big O
  4. Natsume’s Book of Friends
  5. Sound! Euphonium
  6. Samurai Champloo
  7. Trigun
  8. Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
  9. Aria: The Animation
  10. Assassination Classroom
  11. Ergo Proxy
  12. Ghost in the Shell: SAC
  13. Ushio & Tora
  14. Witch Hunter Robin
  15. Black Lagoon

The list above includes anime that I’m writing about but also anime that guest bloggers have graciously offered to cover.

If you’re familiar with some of the WordPress bloggers writing on anime – want to take a shot at guessing who might be writing on what? 😀


New Blog – Rhapsodise! (Anime, One Favourite Episode at a Time)

This year I’m launching a second blog 🙂

It’s the worst possible time for me to do so – I am working extra jobs, have five books I have to finish and release this year, and other things going on etc etc etc

But I’m stubborn. I need to fit in something else that isn’t work.

And so this idea is launching!

At this stage, I’m not sure about the frequency of posts at the new blog, but I’m excited nevertheless – for at least two reasons:

  1. The tone – it’s called Rhapsodise! because I want to write (& feature) posts and reviews that showcase favourite episodes, episodes people really loved, episodes that just blew them away with how great they were, episodes that they have never really been able to stop thinking about.
  2. The focus on each post will cover just a single episode from an anime, which is something I haven’t seen across dozens and dozens of blogs. That could mean that this new blog will meet a need that isn’t being met at present. Maybe 😀

And as I mentioned above, the Rhapsodise blog isn’t only going to be my writing – it’s also open to guest posts etc.

So please click on the banner image below, and take a look at the submissions page on the blog if you think you might be interested!