The Review Heap: 2020 Direction(s)

Okay, roughly 8 months into the blog now and as I mentioned in my ‘About’ section, the new year is time for me to assess and look ahead a bit 🙂 The plan for The Review Heap was just to review (nearly anything) at my own pace. So far so good on that front –Continue reading “The Review Heap: 2020 Direction(s)”

Tintin in Tibet (Tintin au Tibet)

Perhaps the most emotional volume in Herge’s Tintin series, Tintin in Tibet (1960) is certainly the one I’ve read the most times. Perhaps there isn’t as much action as usual, but with its mystery woven around a heartfelt storyline that sees Tintin and Haddock searching the snowy mountains of Tibet for Tintin’s friend Chang, it’sContinue reading “Tintin in Tibet (Tintin au Tibet)”

The Black Cauldron – Lloyd Alexander

I’ve actually reviewed this one nearly everywhere I could over the years, including disappeared blogs etc but here we go again anyway 😀 The Black Cauldron is second in the Chronicles of Prydain, a series Lloyd Alexander started in 1964, and one which I’ve read a great many times – more than any other bookContinue reading “The Black Cauldron – Lloyd Alexander”

A Wild Sheep Chase (Hitsuji o meguru bōken)

A Wild Sheep Chase (Hitsuji o meguru bōken) 1989 (trans) I loved A Wild Sheep Chase – when I first read it years ago I remember being hooked so quickly and surprised by the seemingly ‘low-key’ ending (which in a way, really suits the oft-times taciturn narrators Murakami features). For me, this is a greatContinue reading “A Wild Sheep Chase (Hitsuji o meguru bōken)”