Promare (2019) Whenever folks complain about CGI in anime (as I sometimes certainly do) it’s not about this level of application and integration, I hope. Promare looks amazing, and some scenes are burnt into my memory I reckon – two of which I’ll mention below. There is definitely a lot to like if you’re aContinue reading “Promare”

A Liquid Top Ten (2020, Film Edition)

Much like my previous, similar post to this one, I want this list to change whenever I come back to it 🙂 Also like my last post, there’s no special reason to do this really – but it serves two purposes for me; Self-Reflection and Fun. I do think that as bloggers and audiences weContinue reading “A Liquid Top Ten (2020, Film Edition)”

Windaria (Douwa Meita Senshi Uindaria)

Windaria (Douwa Meita Senshi Uindaria) 1986 Time for another classic! I want to start off by saying that there is a FAR better film hidden beneath the one that I saw, but my version was clouded-over by a misguided English-language script. Sadly for me, this edition was surely not the version that Kunihiko Yuyama andContinue reading “Windaria (Douwa Meita Senshi Uindaria)”

Not the Top Reviews from the Second 6 Months

Following on from the previous post in this style, here’s a list of reviews that weren’t the top posts re: reader interest, but which I’m highlighting because I like something about each one! Onward: November – Sword of the Stranger December – Mushi-Shi January – Un-Go February – A Tree of Palme March – 8Continue reading “Not the Top Reviews from the Second 6 Months”

Popular Reviews from the Second 6 Months

So, this is the second set of these posts for Heap, where I highlight reviews (or posts) that ended up being the most popular across a certain span of time, and today I’m aiming for the one that covers the second 6 months of The Review Heap in action. I’m actually a little early,and I’veContinue reading “Popular Reviews from the Second 6 Months”

Vote on What I Should Watch Next – Results

So, we have Black Lagoon as clear winner, with Gunbuster not miles behind but not close enough. Classics Akira and ‘much-harder-to-find’ Neo Tokyo got a bit of love, though I voted for Neo Tokyo myself 😀 Time Travel Girl is a show I stumbled across that features famous inventors, and I believe it’s a co-productionContinue reading “Vote on What I Should Watch Next – Results”

Vote on What I Should Watch Next

Edit: (Wow, that display is exceptionally bad from my end – apologies, all!) Well, hopefully the poll at least functions – even if it refuses to sit itself nicely within the centre of the blog. Next time maybe I’ll use Google Forms or Survey Monkey etc etc! In any event, I’m looking forward to seeContinue reading “Vote on What I Should Watch Next”

Jin-Roh (Jinrō)

Jin-Roh (Jinrō) 1999 Jin-Roh is another film that ticks a lot of boxes for me, but if you’re unsure about watching this lesser-known classic, keep in mind that I have my biases and I probably enjoyed this more than folks who maybe consider themselves ‘general’ action fans. I say that because one of the thingsContinue reading “Jin-Roh (Jinrō)”

The Place Promised in Our Early Days (Kumo no Mukō, Yakusoku no Basho)

[A couple of spoilers in this one]*. There are a few Makoto Shinkai works I haven’t seen so far but I’m still comfortable placing this film somewhere between ‘not my favourite of his’ and ‘still beautiful’ though I’m not sure how useful those descriptors are re: ranking. The Place Promised in Our Early Days (KumoContinue reading “The Place Promised in Our Early Days (Kumo no Mukō, Yakusoku no Basho)”

Tokyo Godfathers Review [Collaboration with Curtis from Iridium Eye Reviews]

Greetings! Today I wanted to share my first collaboration post – Curtis and I have teamed up to review and discuss Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathers 🙂 It was heaps of fun to work together on this and I hope you’ve got a few mins to take a look – and if you’ve never seen theContinue reading “Tokyo Godfathers Review [Collaboration with Curtis from Iridium Eye Reviews]”