Guessing Game (16)

Guessing Game is back again, this time it’s Round 16!

As most often with these posts, I haven’t gone for any theme here, it’s just some random images from a variety of eras.

In one image in particular, I’ve hidden the show as best I can by avoiding characters – but it’s a pretty famous series 😀

Recognise any?

Guessing Game (15)

Okay, here’s another Guessing Game, as I’m a bit short on time once more this week. (As I often do with these posts, there’s no particular theme here, just some random images)

Two of these (I guess) could be said to be somewhat obscure, but I tried to include at least a couple of classics and something new, also 😀

5 Stars (2019 – 2021)

This is just a quick post but I was curious about how many 5 stars I’d given out at the Review Heap so far (or, at least between 2019-2021).

And it seems to be about 40!

Out of the 200+ reviews I’ve done so far it kinda makes me feel like I’ve been throwing 5-star reviews around like confetti 😀

Well, maybe not quite.. but it might show that I’ll abandon something if I’m not enjoying it, rather than slog through!

Here’s the list (with bonus hyphens and the occasional abbreviation since I was running out of room in the word cloud generator):

(Looking back, maybe I’d change some of these, but it was fun to reflect on them a moment, but on the other hand it’s not such a big deal so I doubt I’ll rush to change any scores).

Any of them 5 stars (or favs) for you?

Out of Scheduled Posts! XD

So, not much to say here – other than the fact that I’ve now got nothing left in the bank of drafts/scheduled posts.

Which means it might be a while before I get another review or two up.

Hoping to at least do a Boxing Day review like in the last two years but I’m not sure what to review. I’d really like it to be Kino’s Journey but I might have to choose a film instead (since it’d be shorter and easier to review in the shrinking amount of free time I have at the moment).

In the meantime, I might do another guessing game and/music post to keep things ticking over!

October – Light Schedule

Tried to find a word that wasn’t ‘hiatus’ and kinda failed – but in short, I’m slowing things down on the blog this month and I think I’ll only have time to post two or three reviews max during October.

And I’m slowing down not for bad reasons, it’s just that I’ve got a novel to finish!

(still hoping to comment and read posts from other folks however)

A-Z Review Page – Compete… (I think!) + 200th Review Update

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been working on creating and then updating tan ‘A-Z Review’ page, which I think is now complete or very close to being up to date at least.

A – Z Reviews

In other news, I think I’ve missed some reviews/miscalculated because I’m not sure my 200th review is as close as I thought before – there might still be 9 to go 😀

In which case, I’ll take more suggestions – so feel free to hit me with some ideas!

So far, some options are below:

Wonder Egg Priority

Two I’ve seen and two I’ve yet to see 🙂