Hope you’re all safe right now if you’re in the USA but also, I’m down here hoping things are better on the other side – whenever that may be.

I know here in Australia things are quieter on the surface… but there are plenty of examples of the same, horrific police brutality here, so look after each other if you’re out in public.

A Quick Note (Ratings & Spoilers)


I’ve realised that while I’m writing a lot of these reviews on texts that have been out for a long time, I still haven’t got an actual ‘spoiler’ process locked in for the blog yet.

In the ‘About’ section I mention that there will be spoilers at times but obviously not everyone will see that right away/if at all. So far, I do have spoilers in some of the reviews and I’ve tried to keep them general or vague, but at times I’ll probably still want to go into specifics.

I guess this means that I’m leaning toward leaving things as they are for now – however, if I ever manage to watch something brand new I’ll naturally steer away from ruining major plot points or character reveals. In something like an ‘episode review’ kinda thing though, expect spoilers-aplenty!

And quickly on the ratings themselves – at the moment it’s just the ultra-regular marker of ‘stars’ but I thought I’d do a line about each one anyway:

  • 5 StarsSeminal, genre-defining, amazing, will watch again (& again)
  • 4 StarsExcellent, distinctive, made me think, will watch again
  • 3 StarsGood on every level, but might not need to see again
  • 2 StarsOk, probably not memorable or pretty flawed
  • 1 StarDNF (or riddled with flaws)

There we go, not super exciting stuff there but hopefully an idea of what I mean when I personally say ‘3 stars’ etc etc 🙂

There’s little chance that a whole host of 1 Stars or DNFs will appear on the blog, as I tend to not review something I haven’t actually finished – and for something I really didn’t enjoy, again, I might not spend a lot of time on it afterwards. (Still, I might do a few here and there over the years).

Until next review!