Abandoned #4 (Dr Stone, Fire Force & Cop Craft)

This post probably won’t be as inflammatory as it would seem by the title – considering some of my motivations here stem from a kind of apathy perhaps, rather than strong dislike.

  1. Dr Stone (2019)

I was onboard with pretty much everything for the first few episodes – bold visuals and an interesting scenario with the characters having to restore civilisation. I was especially enjoying the fact that it was obvious from the pacing that rebuilding everything wasn’t going to be glossed over in 2 or 3 episodes.

What went wrong? Perhaps nothing – I think I just haven’t felt drawn to come back yet. Where I left off Senku and Taiju hadn’t progressed too far but there was a perhaps an arrogance to Senku that I didn’t enjoy.

Would definitely revisit this one day I think. Part of me is surprised that I didn’t enjoy this more.

2. Fire Force (2019)

Ready for another pun or two? These ones are probably worse than the pun in my opening paragraph, but ultimately the fan service seemed too clumsy, too contrived here, which bugged me after a while.

Elsewhere the visuals were often so, so good – and the setting had me interested too. My curiosity about the workings of the world and about Shinra are high even now. There were some interpersonal conflicts I was keen to follow as well.

In the end, other shows kind of took over. Perhaps I’m spoiled for choice but Fire Force is, for now, on the back-burner.

3. Cop Craft (2019)

I got about half way through Cop Craft and just sort of… drifted away. Again, I wonder how much of my inability to finish some things over the last few months comes down to being overwhelmed by choice. It’s an amazing problem to have in a way, compared to the past, which was often a problem of scarcity.

Detective-focused or crime shows seem to be one of my favourite sub-genres and the addition of magic ought to have been enough to really hook me, but I haven’t felt a strong urge to jump back to this story.

I liked Kei and there was plenty of in-built tension with the premise of two mis-matched cops having to work together but I can’t quite put my finger on what has me passing this one over each time I see it in my list.

Not sure when or if I’ll revisit.

Abandoned #3 (The Rising of the Shield Hero, Inuyasha & Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Battle of Unato)

  1. The Rising of the Shield Hero (2019)

Portal fantasy is a classic genre and can be perfect for a writer to deliver exposition – naturally, the visiting character needs most things explained and at the same time, the viewer gets the info.

That’s why I like such shows in a way, because they’re up front about what I need to know and the pacing of a story tends to be fast(er) as a result of that, but despite all the good, tension-building angst at the beginning, I didn’t finish episode one here.

I think I’m just not precisely in the mood for this one, so I can see myself coming back to it.

2. Inuyasha (2000)

Sensing a theme? 😀

I got a few episodes in and was enjoying Inuyasha, which is definitely a classic, but despite me liking the characters and the world-building, I felt kinda crushed by the weight of the rest of the series.

It’s not the longest out there of course, but with nearly 300 episodes I just knew I’d never make it. Maybe one day I’ll go up to a certain arc’s resolution but for now, I’m glad I’ve actually seen at least a few episodes of this one.

3. Kabaneri of the Iron Rortress: Battle of Unato (2019)

This one is probably my mistake rather than any particular deficiency that I noticed – slick animation, vivid colours, some compelling tension and an interesting world that I’m curious about – but I’m half-way through the film and well aware that I’ve missed enough from the series that the character interactions should be carrying more weight.

So yeah, that’s my mistake – I started the film on a whim, knowing I shouldn’t watch it before the series, but I was drawn in enough even without the wider context of the show.

Will finish after I’ve seen the series.

Abandoned #2 (7 Seeds & Nanana’s Buried Treasure)

  1. 7 Seeds (2019)

Once I saw the ‘that one guy who can’t get along with everyone else’ trope combined with the “stranded on an island” setting I grew immediately tired and set the series aside. Maybe it was just bad memories of Lost?

Now, could I ever take a look again? Certainly, but I’m not in a rush just yet.

2. Nanana’s Buried Treasure (2014)

Via the blurb I came across for this series I was thinking kids on a treasure hunt, helped out by a ghost? Cool!

…but once I started watching this one I was quickly buried alive by fan-service. I don’t automatically dismiss a show due to fan-service but it was just lurking around every corner, lol, and it seemed to be the focus more so than the mystery, which is what I was after – so maybe this one’s on me, for not actually researching the show properly first.

Abandoned #1 (Death Note, Elfen Lied & Coppelion)

(For now, at least)

Here’s a short post on a few shows that I found myself unable to finish – there might not be a lot of detail because for two of them it was a few years ago now when I put each series aside, but having said that, I don’t want to rule out finishing them one day.

Still, here’s a couple of notes on each of ‘em in what might become a semi-regular post!

  1. Death Note (2006)

I believe I got about four or five episodes into this classic and while the cat-and-mouse aspect was great, I quickly found that I didn’t care about Light and his psychopathic tendencies. One thing I know would have (and may well do one day) convinced me to keep watching would be if the series had given me more from Ryuk and the world of the Shinigami, as he was the real highlight for me.

  • Elfen Lied (2004)

From memory it was only about two or so episodes before I moved to something else. Somehow, a mutant, overpowered girl escaping a military facility didn’t turn out to be as exciting as it sounded. It’s got that flashy, gratuitous opening that most anime fans are at least aware of and despite a stunning title sequence; there were a few storytelling contrivances that didn’t gel for me. However, it’s a short series so I might finish it one day.

  • Coppelion (2013)

This one’s a little fresher in my mind but I only managed one full episode – and once again, something that at face-value I should have really enjoyed, just didn’t grip me.

I still can’t put my finger on it… maybe there wasn’t enough tension for a post-apocalyptic story? Giving a show one episode isn’t much of a chance, I’m more than happy to admit that, and the scenery alone is almost enough for me to keep watching but I haven’t found myself compelled to return to this. I liked the stylistic choice of heavy outlines on the heroines too but the opener didn’t have enough of a hook for me I guess.

…and back to regular reviews next! 🙂