No Guns Life (Nō Ganzu Raifu) (2)

No Guns Life (Nō Ganzu Raifu) 2019

As with my last post on this series, I’ll quickly mention up front that this won’t be an ongoing ‘episode review’ kinda thing, but I will mention bits and pieces from episodes as I go (although I don’t have a schedule in mind either.)

So! This time I watched episodes two and three and they continued to hold my interest quite easily. Both eps were pretty heavy on the expository dialogue, so while it was at times clunky, my knowledge of the society is expanding nicely at least.

It’s also nice to meet some more characters who will eventually make up Juzo’s team – Mary seems interesting and I think she’ll operate beyond ‘fan-service side-kick’ so that’s great too.

So far, for me the stopping the train scene is the peak – dramatic and as Juzo later admonishes himself for, pretty cool. I really like the way the cigarettes have become a little more than the clear ‘I’m a detective’ prop and I’m interested to see if they’ll have any further plot relevance.

And while I was warming to Tetsurou nicely, his little stunt in episode three (which certainly makes sense and drives the story forward) didn’t impress me and I’m hoping he actually faces some consequences from Juzo soon 😀

I’ll quickly note that while I’ve seen a bit of disappointment around Juzo’s ‘face’ becoming hyper-comical so he can blush, I’m of two minds about it myself because I get it – you have to do something to change his expression in order to express things other than steely determination.

Keen for episode four.