Harmony (Hāmonī)

Harmony (Hāmonī) 2015 Just a short review today: A little while ago I discussed some of the context around production of three films released until the ‘Project Itoh’ moniker (which you can see here) and I suspect that the Empire of Corpses is my favourite, but that isn’t to claim that Harmony was unenjoyable (orContinue reading “Harmony (Hāmonī)”

Memories 1995

Memories (1995) Katsuhiro Otomo had been involved with two other anthologies (and one afterwards) prior to Memories, and while I’m still hunting down Neo Tokyo, I’m pretty confident in saying that Memories will remain my favourite. And maybe there’s a certain amount of nostalgia in that – some of the stuff we see as teenagersContinue reading “Memories 1995”